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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Booking in later on 7.45 pm. . . This book in will be rather short, because 2 or 3 days later, we will be out again, and this time, it's something big. . . .
In less than 72 hours time, we will be going through one of the most memorable day of our lives. . . A level result day. . . A day that determine your life and death. . .
I was actually looking forward to this day with a light heart. . . i didn't think of anything link results, but just taking it as a day where i can see my old classmates and teachers back once again. . . Results wise, i wasn't prepare to worry now. . . for once i start now, it's gonna last till the very day. . . having 3 more sleepless night may cost me another fever. . .
However, so many around is already feeling so dejected before they actually got back their result. . . I was about to feel the same. . . I have high expectation and failing to reach that expectation will gonna bring me severe disappointment. . . and i know myself that i have a high probability to fail myself. . . besides, there are also expectations from others. . . there's trememdous pressure on myself and well, i knew clearly i just have to do well. . .
Yet, regardless of the final verdict, let me just forget about it and enjoy for another 2 more days. .

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Friday, February 24, 2006

I've been back at home since thursday morning. . . Not on another early book out this time, but on Attend C. . . 3 Days of attend C. . that's what i've got, after my fever ran up high to 39.2 degrees. .
This week just didn't go quite well for me somehow. . . Firstly, i've been losing quite an amount of sleeping time since my first night back in camp. . . I often woke up in the middle of the night and failed to return to sleep, as my mind was totally occupied with ghost stories of tekong imparted through the weekends. . . It's atrocious, but i was really petrified then. . . so much so that i almost wanted to wake my buddy up. . . Can't imagine a 19 years old kid like me can be such a sissy. .
Next, the weather during the entire of the 3 days two nights sitest was 'fuckup'. . It's sunny and hot for most of the time, and for some short moment, it came along some minor drizzling which never last more than 5minutes. . . This deadly weather package was largely responsible for the state i'm in. . .
Sitest kicked off with a 12kilometre route march. . . With a fully-loaded field pack, the burning hot sun above us, it took more than 100% of our physical strength, and 200% of our mental strength to complete it. . . At the end point, i was almost knocked out, totally drained of any energy. . . My body was burning up under the heat and from then, my fever started. . . I guess the heat in me had ripped myself of the ability to think then, as i stupidly took up the role as a medic. . . which i paid a heavy price for that. . .
Anyway, i didn't report on my fever during the first day as i thought i will be getting better after some good early rest. . . Indeed, i tried to get myself asleep from as early as 6.30pm that day. . and fever really seems to have subsided the next morning as i carried on with the activities for the day. . . Exposed to the 'fuckup' weather package, doing all the strenous activities-arti drills, sniper drills, with a stretcher on my back. . . There are two medics in a detail but i felt so unlucky that i'm always the one having the stretcher whenever they carried out any drill. . . Nevertheless, i took it in my stride, i have chosen the role from the beginning and i must fulfil the job until the end of the test. . My fever shot up again at the end of the 6 missions we completed that day. . . This time, i couldn't hold it any further and reported to the medic. . . 38.7 degrees, i felt giddy and lost my appetite. . . The medic prescribed two panadols and given me two ice packs. . . The fever went down again for the night and i was back on action again the next morning, even though i wasn't feeling quite right again. . . Endured through all the shit again, i finished them with high fever. . . 3 days 2 nights. . . i endured through it, and back to company, see the medical officer and ended back at home on 3 days att C and 2 days att B. . . After everything, i felt relieved that i've went through all these. . . I wouldn't have want to do a re-sitest at any point if i've dropped out, wouldn't wanna do th 12km route march, the 4km and 2km fast march, and the 12 sickening missions all over again. . . i wouldn't care about how i fare in the test, because i have no longer bear much hope to go OCS. . . i wouldn't wanna take such tough trainings. . . i see myself already almost dying during most of these trainings, how will i be able to withstand trainings that are a lot more tough than these in command schools, i'm not confident that i can take it. . .

Enough of that army, i'm quite sick of it actually. . How i wish tomorrow is ORD. . . Anyway, A level result is coming out next wednesday. . !

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Back to home, back from army, back from field camp. . I'm still surviving in camp, but army life still sucks. . .

7 days of field camp, 7 days outfield. . . It's just like the survivor in television, we survive on combat rations, we bathe with powder, we go through the combat trainings. . . The first two days was disastrous. . The weather was playing game with us and it rained heavily for the whole day and night with brief moments of hot sun in between. . . Many of us suffered from heat rash as a result of such unpredictable weather. . Training in the heavy downpour, getting ourselves thoroughly drenched and then sleeping in the cold rainy night. . . The living conditions was horrible. . The site of our basha was semi-flooded and we had to sleep in the muddy and mosquitoes-infested ground. . . Next, the combat ration that we fed on almost tasted like dog food, few people like it and the worst of all was pontay rice. . It tasted so bad that i almost wanted to throw it away on my first bite. . While our lives have been miserable enough, we were made to go through punishments from our sergeants because some jokers didn't buried their faeces after shitting. . . These jokers did not learn their lesson and we went through a second round of tekan session and this time, because one fellow shitted without even bothering to dig a hole and another went shitting on the barbed wire. . . It's quite ridiculous and sad to see such things happening on a jc batch. .
Through point to point from the different camp sites we went, we had to walk, in full battle order. . that is, a field pack, a rifle and a webbing that weighed about 20kgs or more in total. . . Walking through distances like 8 to 12 kilometres with this was devastating, especially to skinny people like me. . .
It was valentine day on the second last day of my field camp. . . While couples were out there in the civilian world celebrating the occasion, we found ourselves out in the wild, digging trenches. . It's an extremely physical straining activity and i will definitely not want to do it a second time. . . You digged the trench and at night, you slept in it. . . Sleeping in the trench itself was an experience, it feels like you are sleeping in your own grave. . .
These were the hard times, but we were lucky. . as in i'm in a welfare company. . and there were pretty much sweet moment too. . On the third night of the camp, we were given the privilege to sleep in concrete ground in our second camp site, the following day, we were allowed to have a shower. . . There were also several occasions where we were given fresh rations. . . It's hard to imagine how happy we can get when we were granted such welfares after days of surviving in hostile conditions. . .
Nevertheless, after all these sweet and hard times, i was glad that i've managed to went through these. . Yet it's not gonna be the last time. . . SIT test will be up next on monday, 3 more days
outfield, 3 more days of suffering in the wild. . . but well, i've every reason to be optimistic. . After sit test, life will hopefully be easier. . . It will be less than 3 more weeks to POP and i will have every reason to look forward to it. . .

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