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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Army is a waste of time. . . For without it i could have spent the two years doing something more meaningful. . . more enriching. . . I've been pondering these few days. . on how much i will lag behind the rest, especially the girls. . when i have completed my service in two years' time. .
Back in camp, you simply learn nothing. . . or perhaps i should say that you learn nothing that is helpful to your future life. . . Being a man in the army, there are very few occasions that require you to activate your braincells, you just act according to what your superior told you and then. . full-stop. . . Simply don't have to think at all. . . It's no wonder that i felt myself becoming stupid after enlisting into the army. . .
I thought of taking up some part-time diploma courses or perhaps going for bike license, but given my current situation, it's highly unlikely that i will be able to do so. . . With my driving course ending soon, there's still a weapon course and a series of other activities lined up, there will not be or even if there is time, i'm not optimistic that my oc will allow me to do so. . .

It's frustrating. . . I just wished i can make the best use of the time i have in camp. . . yet all i can do is to go through things that are totally of no concern of the route i'm gonna take in future at all. . . In fact, for the past week, life has been very very slack. . . We are not allow to take part in any physical activities at all, and everyday, besides doing some little hand-on and listening to some lectures, i could well said that i've been doing nothing. . . I can't say i don't enjoy slacking, going for canteen breaks, but time pass very slowly and it just gets extremely dull and boring as this goes on. . . And just as you think all we have is privileges in this course, it's not totally so. . . While others who had took and passed their soc test are allowed a friday book out, we drivers had to stay in and do nothing for the saturday morning before getting to book out. . . and this coming thursday, where we will be having our battalion cohesion day at sentosa, all of us will not be going, instead, we will be staying in camp for the boring om course. . . It's sad. . . but this is army. . . you don't have a choice, do you. . ?

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Another weekend soon to end. . . Haiz. .

This week, four days of being the course ic, it has not been easy. . . Perhaps it's only after i've became the course ic that i had realised the pain of being an ic. . . I've came to feel how pow and jian li must have gone through when they were platoon ic during bmt. . . It's just not easy. . .

Consider myself unlucky, 3 out of four days that i've been an ic, we were outfield. . and being ic during outfield trainings was the worst of all. . . Instructors come hard on you to account for strength, for water parade and to get things done. . .

Of course, i must say that i'm lousy. . . I couldn't even master the basis of commands and drills to command the squad. . . Things like berhenti on the wrong foot, giving kiri when it's supposed to be kanan occurs many times. . . What can i say. .? i've never been an ic before, and things which looks easy wasn't so to an amateur like me. . Besides this, i must admit that i don't have the leadership to lead the squad. . . The key to this failure was my greatest weakness. . . - i tends to panick over the slightest things, and when this happen, i will be at a lost of what i should do and then, i begin to screw up things. . . It's my greatest weakness. . .

Despite this, i must say i've tried my best. . . I tried what i could to prevent the course from getting into any shit with the instructors. . . Whenever there is any work supposedly assigned to others to do, i had never been an onlooker, standing aside to watch. . . No matter what kinda shitty work it is, i will always be the first to be there to help out. . .

From what i can see, most of the people in the course simply do not have any initiatives. . . They won't do unless they are ordered to. . . While there are some others highly critical fellow who complain more than they work. . . My fingers are enough to count for those few who really showed their qualities. . the rest just don't give a damn. . . Sometimes i'm really pissed, but what can i do. . . We are of the same rank, i can't possibly scold them or made them to push-ups right. . ? Maybe i just pray that i don't have to be an ic next week. . .

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Been a busy and tiring week for me. . . Perhaps i should say that it's only till this week that i finally felt that trade course had started. . . Since monday we were made to go through a series of boring lectures and then on thursday, we finally got our first hand on experience on driving the vehicle. . .
Driving itself was fun, the feeling of sitting on the driver seat, starting the engine, turning the steering wheel was just fantastic. . . . but all these funs and excitements goes away when you got yourself fucked by your instructor for disastrous driving techniques, when you have to do all the servicing of the vehicle under the hot sun in the middle of the day, when you have to wait 3-4 hours to get your hand onto the steering wheel. . . A driver's life is not so relaxed afterall. . .
Waiting for hours isn't fun at all. . . especially when you have to keep your tiring body awake at all times to prevent getting into some shit with the instructors since they don't allow you to sleep. . . While waiting, you are only armed with the driving manuals to read and maybe, you spend some time talking cock with your friends, the rest of the time you either choose to be stoning or think of ways to get away with sleeping without getting caught. . . It's difficult, the first day we returned back at 2230, and finally settled down to sleep only after 2330. . . With the reveille at 0530, it means we have only 6 hours of sleep that day. . . definitely insuffient for me. . . I felt asleep a few times on the very day and got myself to becoming a course I/C with effect from monday. . . It sounds a good deal, becoming an I/C for sleeping. . . but well, becoming an I/C means lotsa of shitty work to be done, and you get fucked for not doing your work properly. . . and that means, you can't sleep in future anymore. . .

Next week gonna be a short week, but maybe not. . . It's will be a crucial week with a series of tests coming up. . . My driving test will be on tuesday and on thursday. . . it's SOC. . . A big headache for me. . . I hope to clear it but yet till now, the swing trainer is still a major obstacle which i yet to overcome. . . My hands just hurt badly whenever i tried on the obstacle. . It may have been easier if they had not painted the metals that made it so difficult to grip on. . . Anyway, please let me clear it and i will not have to stay back on saturday for remedial training. . .

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Got it all wrong. . . I'm totally turned off, pissed to have come to this company. . . We were the last to book out in the entire battalion already, and yet they still made us stay further to do shitty work- wash the road which had been dirtied by tanks moving past. . . It's just so atrocious, the tankies are the one using the road and yet we are the one clearing the mess for them. . .

By now, i guess my anger has mostly subsided, but by then, 24 hours ago, i can feel that i was totally filled with fire. . . Severely lack of sleep after my guard duty and yet still forced to do such dirty work under the burning hot sun. . . So deprived of rest that, even though it's book out day, we spent the entire morning doing area cleaning. . . Simply given us no time to close our eyes, there was even no time for a shower before booking out and we ended booking out in our civilian clothings, sweaty and smelly. .. Everything was in such a rush, so much so that my mind had gone to a state of hazewire. . . I became so screwed up that i nearly couldn't find my camp pass and 11B and as a book in/out IC, i didn't have time to fill the particulars up in order to book out. . . It ended up that each individual have to fill up themselves, and obviously, they won't quite happy about this. . . Well, i can't care that much. . .

Actually, this week wouldn't be bad if not for saturday. . . In fact, we had our slackest week so far. . . While most of the others went for their lesson in the afternoon, we were free at such times during most of the days and stayed in the bunk to relax, munching on biscuits and talk cock. . .
And then, for the highlight of the week, we ended our medic course with a finale- IVs on wednesday. . . I was injected twice, once for a failed attempt and the final one, was a near-failure success. . . The feeling of the needles. . i can't imagine how painful it is, the kinda penetrating pain everytime the needle is pushed deeper into your body. . . I'm so glad that it's over. . . Injecting itself was not easy too. . . I attempted once and well. even though i was shaking like crazy, i still managed to succeed it at the first go. . The key is to get the vein and align the needle with it. . . But yet some cocksters have to do more than 5 times before getting it. . . The worst part is that, others have to sacrified their hands to get themselves injected by that fellow. . .

Driving course starting officially this coming week, no more time to slack and training intensity gonna be increased, especially with SOC up next. . . I hope my swollen hand can recovered in time so that i can clear the swinging trainer and then SOC as soon as possible. .

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Name: Chen Zhicai (Call me Keith!)
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Sometimes, what you want in life may not be what you will achieve in life. Sometimes, what you want in life will change as you came to realise of your limitations and constraints.
University- A course that i want.
Pre-University- Car License/Bike license, get my own bike.


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