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Friday, August 25, 2006

I will not lose. . .

Been training hard. . . i knew i've been training hard. . . and i hope to see result. . . This coming thursday will be the ippt, the time to let my hardwork be paid. . . Gold. . I want a gold for my IPPT. . .
But i can't deny that i'm not too optimistic. . . Chin-up. . . It's still a case to worry. . . I still wander if i can make it to 10. . .

It's been training and training throughout this week. . . sometimes it's so tough that you just wanna give out. . . sometimes you felt so tired that you wish you wouldn't have to do. . . yet i knew all these are good. . . Endure through them and good things will come. . . hopefully. . .
Motivation. . . just don't wanna lose. . .

Did a 8km run before i booked out. . . Every run is a chance to train, and only when you put in effort to run then will you become better. . . So i ran. . . i put in the effort, perhaps it's not my 100%, and came back 1st. . . 28mins 10secs. . . I thought it wasn't actually very fast. . . and maybe i wouldn't be 1st if others did bother to put in the effort to run. . . but well on the other hand, i thought it wasn't my 100% and i was running more than 3/4 of the run without any pressure at all. . . anyway, that isn't important. . . the most important is that i improve and i am one step closer to become a better runner. . .

AHM today. . . The fastest guy reached the end point of the 21km run in 1 hrs 9 minutes. . . that was horribly fast. . . How did he do that. . ? He's from the thai royal army i thought. . . It was kinda crazy, what sort of trainings had they implemented to their army to produce this kinda people. . .?
Anyway, i was running the 10km today. . . it wasn't exactly running 10km. . . it's more like walking 2-3km and then run for the other 7km or so. . . There were just too many people and i had a hard time switching from lane to lane in order to reach the end point faster. . . .
There were many people there today indeed. . . The whole of Singapore army. . . Dangerous situation i thought. . . One bomb from the terrorist and singapore will have to wait for another 10 plus years to have its army back again. . . Joke. .
Nevertheless. . . It was a gathering, and you saw many similiar faces. . . Those from SR, those from my bmtc platoon, primary school seconday school classmates. . . lotsa people were there. . .

I'm booking in on monday night. . glad that i still have some off to clear and in this way there won't be many long weeks what i have to stay in camp. . . Next week will be short but important. . . ippt, whether i can get gold will be determined, and then i can look forward to book out on friday afternoon. .

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Utterly disappointed. . . Why am i here. . again. . . feeling so depressed because i couldn't clear my bike lesson. . . ? It's been unacceptably slow, i can't help feeling disgusted with my progress. . . 8 lessons already. . and i'm still here at lesson 2. . .
Nearly cleared. . . I could have cleared my lesson today. . . The instructor had told about his satisfaction with my performance during practise and i was rather confident that i could clear it too. . . Yet i screwed it up my ownself. . . In the last decider ride through the figure of 8 course, i lost control and brushed against the kerb. . . That ends the story, and the instructor decided not to pass me. . . It was all because of a moment of nervousness. . . I had practised well for my lesson 2 and totally wish to waste no time here anymore, but just that one mistake killed all my hope to progress today. . . frustrating, disappointing. . .

Had my class gathering yesterday. . . We were out at marina bay for steamboat. . . but well. . i wasn't there to eat actually. . . Paid $11 for the dinner, and perhaps i ended eating $2 the most. .? I didn't like having steamboat. . . it's troublesome because you have to cook the food yourself and sometimes it tastes horrible if you didn't cook the food properly. . . and furthermore, the shirt will be stink with oil by the end of your dinner. . . that was what happened to me yesterday. . . a smelly shirt, one of those nike polo that i had brought recently, stained with yellow sauces from the chicken meat. . i doubt i will be able to get those stains off. . . there goes my shirt. . .
anyway, it's been quite a while since we got together so i wasn't keen on eating. . . i was more eager to catch up with the rest. . . but then ended talking about army stuffs with the guys. . . It's a typical phenomenon already. . . the guys will talk about army and then the girls. . . they will be talking about shopping, university, hostel lives etc. . . there wasn't much common topic shared since it was as though we were living in different sides of the world. . .
nevertheless. . . talking about our ns life, we were proud to discover that 2s13 would be able to come with its own battle platoon. . . we have. . .
Platoon Commander: 2Lt Goh Wai Gang
Platoon Sergeant: 3Sgt Cheok Yi Yang
Section Commander: 3Sgt Tee Liang Shi
Platoon Medics: PTE Raymond Choo/ PTE Lim Si Jie
Platoon Engineer: PTE Kelvin Goh
Platoon Tankee: PTE Glen Foo
Platoon Driver: PTE Chen Zhicai
Platoon Scout: PTE Joseph Chow
Platoon SOF: PTE Andrew Lim
Platoon Storeman: PTE Sigmund
Platoon Marine: PTE Darrell Lim
Platoon Sentry: PTE Chen Wei Liang
Platoon Intelligence Agent: PTE Leow Zixiang
Together we will fight. . .!!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Came back from my JB trip. . . Spent $150. . . Looked at what i've got. . . Two nike shirts. . . one cologne. . . and that's all. . . ? $150. . . and that's all i've got. . . more than enough to count with the fingers on any one of my hand. . . Fruitless trip. . . It's kinda pathetic. . . Though the things that i've bought are kinda value for money. . . i.e. . they are cheaper than local, yet i still felt the heartache as i see my money flew away just with these few items. . .
The aftermath. . Back then when i had just landed onto malaysian territory, i was prepared and all ready to go on a shopping spree. . . afterall how many times do i have such opportunity to step there again. . . So then, with that kinda mentality, i ended up spending that amount of money and that's what i always do when i've got chance to go abroad for holiday. . . Irresistable spending spree. . .

I'm now on my post NDP leave. . . supposed to be an entire week of undisrupted break. . . but you know. . . SAF. . . extremely prone to last minutes changes. . . There came this new on the very friday that we were prepared to book out and enjoy our block leave. . . 'All drivers will have to book in on wednesday 2230 for a two days basic driving course. . '. . . Fantastic. . . Special thanks to those who had got into some accident recently which prompted the commanding officer to introduce this programme as he felt the need for us to sharpen our driving skills. . . And that was how my one week leave was shortened to just three days with the completion of this sentence. . .

After months of hardworks. . . Building the grandstand. . . Going through rehearsals after rehearsals, family day, preview, NE show. . . doing marshalling job, ushering job, distributing job, securing job. . . It is over. . .! NDP is over. . . ! The fireworks at the end of the show marks the celebration of the end of a series of sai kang that we had did. . . Wooo. . how beautiful. . . I managed to sneak to a pretty favourable spot to capture a short clip of the fireworks. . . yet my photography skills let me down. . . horribly recorded. . . this will not be broadcast. . .
The day itself was expectedly chaotic with the large crowd coming. . . There were not only the 55000 spectators that filled the stadium's capacity, but another large population that flew in to see the fireworks. . .
Dealing with the public was never easy. . . We, national servicemen, regulars, members of the SAF are the smallest creatures in Singapore. . . They, the taxpayers, are just like our fellow employers, one complain and there we go. . . celebrating our weekend breaks doing guard duties. . .
Getting them settled, ensuring order during their arrival was a breeze, we were all well trained to the task after so many rehearsals. . . It was the departure that created massive headaches. . . With many of the exits closed on that day, there were rarely few options available for people to leave the place. . . Perhaps because of the trememdous crowd pressure, miscommunications between the officials and crowd leaving the stadium took place which led many to take the wrong way to their destination. . . It was because of this that i was made to go through a difficult time explaining to them the correct route, apologising for the mistake done by others, receiving a told off from one of the pregnant lady who made a big fuss of the distance she had to take and the mistake caused by us. . . A private doing a commander's job. . . Maybe they should pay me a sergeant's pay. . . Yet i guess i enjoyed such job. . . sorta like customer service. . .?

Someone's becoming a father in my platoon. . . Or not. . . He getting her to go for an abortion. . . I don't see eye to eye with such decision, but i knew it was none of my business. . . This guy isn't those who will bother to even listen to my words. . .
It's saddening. . . the child don't even get a chance to live. . . the child is innocent, why must they do this. . . I thought abortion is an equivalent to murdering your own fresh and blood. . . the child shouldn't be paying for the mistake that the parents made. . .
His rationale. . . He still wanna continue his form of lifestyle. . . clubbing, having fun outside while serving his national service. . . he knew once he has a child, such thing will have to stop. . . he won't prepare to sacrify this to settle down and start a family. . .
How true. . . He has got a point. . . in fact i thought everything he used to say make sense. . . Yet maybe he has forgotten if he was not prepared to start a family then shouldn't he be doing something to prevent pregnancy. . ? Obviously his kinda lifestyle will continue to get girls pregnant and such incident will occur again. . . How many innocent children does he intends to murder. . . I wandered has it come across his mind that it is extremely cruel to make girls go for abortion and deprive the child of the right to live. . .
Maybe i'm beginning to hate intensive clubbers, because such things happens and it's a real melancholic scene. . .

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Lesson 1 cleared. . . finally. . . it was kinda struggle. . ? the instructor was kind, and there were so many occasions that i nearly failed to clear. . . stuck for six lessons at stage 1, i'm glad that i've got through, even if it's just a close shave. . .

It's been a pretty short and slack week. . . 2 days of off since thursday, plus, no need to attend sat's ndp rehearsal. . . and plus, not much training back in camp. . . Is this army. .? I'm not used to being slacker, and seeing how some of my platoon mates were slacking, i didn't really feel too good about it. . . They were practically just eating, sleeping all the time. . . Spike platoon, we used to be one of the most garang people around, but now. . .
Changed. . . Ever since the six of them came back from course. . . They seemed to become different people. . . They talked about they good life they had at SIW, where they went through their 1 month course. . . They boost about the kinda life they lead there, paradise. . . good food, plenty of sleep and no physical training. . . They wanted to have this kinda life here. . .
Yet of course they know it's impossible. . . so they made the best out of the most impossible situation, took every opportunity to slack. . . Even JJ, who used to be one of the most hardworking guy in our platoon have almost become another person, no longer the hardworking sort. . .
Our new pc. . . Perhaps he was just too eager to be part of us, too hurried to catch up with our former pc, too wanted to gain those kinda respect we have on Lieutenant Liu. . . I felt he's been just too nice to us, so much so that i see it as a bit too much. . . Though i seem to enjoy the kinda freedom that he has gave us, i begun to worry as i come to think of it. . . When lieutenant liu was around, he always practise a lot of control, especially on those who he know, has 'high tendency to slack'. . . He never touch us, the drivers, for he knew clearly that we wasn't the kind to practise such tendency. . . And because of his control, these people always tried hard to do what they should do. . . Lieutenant liu really know how to deal with people like them. . . He was just one leader who i will held in high regard, who i will always give my respect to, and no matter how hard our new pc tries, he will never be able to replace him in our heart. . .
I'm obviously not condemning our new pc. . . he's a nice guy, that i can proudly agree. . what i meant was he shouldn't be spoiling us in a way by letting us have too much freedom and privileges. . . Welfare should be given, but reasonably. . . I recalled countless number times where he came up to our bunk and most of us were sleeping. . . Instead of giving us lectures or telling us off for sleeping during office hours, he told us to carry on sleeping. . . Undoubtedly, i felt extremely relieved when he did so, but i thought then, it's perhaps a bit too much. .
Spoiling the platoon, ultimately who suffers. . ? It's still us, especially those who wasn't part of the slacking party. . . Work still have to be done, area cleaning still needa be done. . . Those who slack don't do, people who don't slack have more to do. . . Is that fair. .? No. . but anything you can do. .? No. . . They have the dominant people in their slacking party, going against them will be no different from getting yourself outcast by the platoon. . . The solution. .? Stay neutral, be with them when necessary. . . That was the worst scenario. . . I just hope things will change. . . I still believe i didn't get into the wrong platoon. . . They were surely people who, will do things to the most perfect, when they are willing to do. . . and not forgetting, they have some amazing figures in the platoon. . .

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Name: Chen Zhicai (Call me Keith!)
Date of Birth: 3rd January 1987
Horoscope: Capricorn
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Sometimes, what you want in life may not be what you will achieve in life. Sometimes, what you want in life will change as you came to realise of your limitations and constraints.
University- A course that i want.
Pre-University- Car License/Bike license, get my own bike.


Team: Full-time v3 player
Jersey No.: 4
Position: Right Back
Description: Ambitious
History: Bowen 'C' Division(2001), Bowen 'B' Division(2002-2003), NYJC(2004 1st 3mths)

Position: Logistics Officer
Achievements: 2nd Orientation Camp 2005 Commandant, Mt Ophir Expedition 2005, Vertical Marathon 2005, Surf n Sweat 2005, NTU Adventure Trail Challenge 2004, National Youth Achievement Bronze


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