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Monday, September 25, 2006

My life now. . . dull and boring. . . Time past too slow and i don't know how to describe this feeling. . . perhaps one word. . . sianz!!

My everyday's routine. . . reveille, breakfast, sleep, PT or games occasionally, lunch, sleep, dinner. . . it appears to be a life that every soldiers want. . . but no. . . sometimes it's better to have something to do. . .
Sleeping in the day is just not part of the programme inside my brain. . . As hard as i tried, i just couldn't get myself to sleep during the daytime. . . All the while that i'm lying in the bed, i was just flipping about, my mind is just always filled with many things that i can't seem to get myself to sleep. . .
Since i can't sleep in the day. . . i'm really desperate to occupy myself with something to learn, to enrich myself. . . and so far. . to no avail. . . How i wish someone can give me an idea what i should do. . .

Everyone now slept so much that it was though part of the routine order. . . and if it really is, then it will be a joke. . . We were caught by the csm. . . red handed for sleeping during office hours. . . Out of nowhere, he appeared in our bunk, sitting on one of the guy's bed, capturing the scene of many of us sleeping. . . I wasn't among the one sleeping. . . just lying on the bed, reading my newsweek. . . his presence did not caught my attention until one of the guys alerted me. . . I turned my head towards his direction and got a shock. . . There he was, sitting quietly, looking at everyone sleeping. . . Without a delay, i shouted to wake everyone up. . . But he remained silent, even when everyone were up. . . Loss of words, our minds were having the same thought. . . "We are doomed, how many extras are we going to sign. . . " The silent continued for another 10 minutes as everyone stared as one another, expecting something bad to happen. . . It didn't. . . we were relieved, as he simply walked out of our bunk without a word eventually. . . But the fear of any possible punishment tormented us for the entire day. . . It was supposed to be our book out day and all of us were worried that it will affect our chance to go home. . . Eventually such fear prove to be unnecessary. . . and again. . . our CSM proved to be a magnanimous guy. . .

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

"One more time i caught you speeding across the zebra crossing, i'll make sure you repeat your lesson for another 10 times. . ." a stern warning from the instructor. . .
I like speed. . . i enjoy the feeling the wind blowing against my face when ride, and that's why i thought riding on a bike was always an enjoyable experience for me. . . I was really eager to get my license. . .
It's gonna be dangerous. . i knew. . once i got my license there will be high tendency that i will speed. . . but i can't help indulge in speeding. . .
Not only on a bike, when i was driving my bronco, the vehicle commanders and passengers too complained that, i drove too fast. . .
Well. . . Fast and furious. . .? Or i call it. . .More speed. . . more luck. . .
Anyway, i've managed to progress to lesson 4 already. . . it's still a long way to go, but i thought i'm now very good at the vehicle already. . .

Another match for Tat Ming's team. . . or i should call it now. . . my team. . . i'm now officially part for his team, got the jersey. . . a orange nike no.2 shirt. . . It was quite an easy opponent i thought, but we only managed to beat them 3-2, after going 1 goal down. . .
My performance. . . i wouldn't say i played well, just up to the standard perhaps. . . I was involved in 2 of the goals, but of course such credits won't go to me. . .
Playing for his team. . . there's just something that was not right. . . something that restrict me from performing to my best. . . The answer. . . the only person that i really know in the team was Tat Ming himself, the rest of them are mostly no different from strangers to me. . . or perhaps i should say, merely hi and bye. . . Playing in a team with so many i don't know, it restrict my performance. . . Back in v3, i would often play it to my maximum ability. . . Every were old friends, good friends, good buddies and we know each others for years. . . the feeling is completely different. . . We bond well, played well together, shout at each others mistakes. . . it's fun and you enjoy. . . v3 will just always be my team, whether we still play anot. . .
I joined Tat Ming's team with the objective to play soccer, to have more chance to still stick to something i like to do. . . Whether i managed to bond with the other players or not i didn't care to put in much concern, most of the time i just finish the game and go home. . . somehow couldn't summon the energy to talk much. . .
But now, i hope i wouldn't lose the heart to play for his team so quickly, it's been a slow slow start. . .

It's been a long long week. . . Time past really slow. . . It's because that we are so free in camp. . . No outfields, no exercise, no course. . . simply nothing to do except for PT. . . and the number of PTs we had. . . it's enough to count with one of my hand. . . Slack. . not that i don't like, but time flies so slowly when you do so, especially when you are not allowed to sleep. . . you can only idle, but not sleep. . . isn't it a form of torture. . . sometimes i wish we have got something to do. . . and when there's something to do. . . we got. . . sai gung. . shitty works. . . because we were the only platoon with nothing to do, there we go, force to do all these digusting jobs. . . cleaning up the washing bay, sweeping roads that don't belong to our company, cleaning up the CQ store. . . Enough! but more to come next week. . . next monday will be store maintenance week, as declared by the CSM. . . As the commanders go for their ATP, we will be staying in the camp, and expect more shitty works ahead. . .!

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

This is my 100th post. . .

I did it. . I've finally got my ippt gold. . . celebrate. . .? all the effort, all the hardwork put in in reaching this objective has finally paid off. . . and well. . . a symbolism of success. . ? probably. . or not. .
Success don't come from nothing. . . All the while i've been training, working hard towards this goal, this objective. . . and i thought i nearly couldn't make it. . .
For a point of time, i thought heaven is playing a cruel joke on me. . . i had been looking forward to the ippt test for so long and then, i found myself feeling sick the night before the test. . . Things didn't get better on the morning itself where the test is conducted and i was on the verge of giving up the chance to take it. . . Luckily i didn't, though i was sure that i wasn't feeling well at all, i chose to let the thermometer decide my fate. . . I measured and realised i haven't got a fever, and with that, i decided to endure through the test. . . It wasn't easy. . . especially when the first station i took was chin-up, my weakest link. . . There i go, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. . . . . . and 10. . . i struggled, and the 10 took more of my mental strength than physical. . . By the time i've finished my 9th chin-up, there was left with little strength to go for the most decisive one. . . in fact, i almost couldn't make it. . . it was left with pure determination and mental power to bring me up to the last one, and once i did it, i knew i was very close to the gold. . . . In fact, i managed to clear the rest of the stations with ease. . . then came the final lap, 2.4km. . . Down with a flu, there was much difficulty for me to breathe in and out through the nose. . . but i wasn't prepare to let this affect me. . . i've did it before and i wanted to do it better this time. . . so, i ran, endured and got back in 9.1 minutes, created another personal best and got my much anticipated ippt gold. . . .

I've been selected to train in the armour formation soccer team, and now my objective is to make it into the first 11, and hopefully bring back some glory. . . i must prove that i can. . !

A much awaited secondary school class gathering. . . . Not everyone came, but still among those who were there, i could discover that many have changed. . . I wouldn't comment whether it was for the better or worse, but well, it just look and feel different. . . There was feeling of unfamilarity among some, especially with some of the girls. . . but overall, it was like just another casual dinner, the feeling of class 4A last time wasn't there and it was more like a gathering for those different clique in the class. . . anyway, i thought this was unavoidable, it's been long since we last met and it's difficult to find a common topic to share. . . and probably, i've lost much memories about my secondary school life as i discovered yesterday. . .

I was there playing a match for Tat Ming's team hours ago. . . I sucks. . . played extremely badly, lost count of the number goals that were conceded by me. . . why. . ? i'm not in the condition, not in the mood. . . i'm still not feeling too well, panting and feeling slight chest pain after running. . . i'm just too tired and emotionally handicapped for the game. . .

i'm ending this week feeling down. depressed. tired. my mood is going from one low point to another. . .
ironic it is, there has been so much worth to celebrate after all i've said. . the ippt gold. . . the recruitment to formation soccer team, the much anticipated class gathering. . . but no. . . blog don't tell everything, and perhaps some things are better keep to the heart. . .

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pretty good life huh. . ? Sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep again. . . Is this army. . ?!!

This is gonna get into my history book, once of the slackest army week i ever have. . . Except for the only physical training we had at the start of the week, there's actually no other programme for the week. . . Simply too relaxed, i'm not used to it. . .
Obviously most the troopers are enjoying it, isn't that the kinda life they've been looking forward to. . ? the siw's life, the paradise where they did their 1 month spike course. . .
Next week, another four troopers are going for the 1 month relaxation course, and we can look forward to add another few more slacko into our platoon. . .
Spike. . . The most popular platoon among the battalion, the tankees, the AIs are all drooling once they heard of the kinda lives we are leading. . . Understandable. . . I can't help feeling sorry for them everytime i saw them in full battle order, preparing for another outfield again. . .
Glen and Chuan Ming. . i felt guilty whenever i see them going outfield while i'm there in camp, resting on bed. . .
The sergeants are mostly in ORD mood now. . . They don't seem to pay that much concern to our basic discipline anymore. . . That calls for a celebration. .? Not really, i'm not used to it, or maybe i feel we need some discipline inside. . . control is needed. . .

Where's my ippt gold. . .? They didn't even conduct, thanks to the fine weather we had on the day where it's supposed to take place. . . Blessing in disguise. . ? My chin-up number often mood swing. . . sometimes i can do 10, sometimes 8, sometimes 12, sometimes even only 5. . . looks like there's still much more training before i'm really ready for the test. . . Do it not for myself, do it for somebody. . . motivation. . .

Time past so slow when you are doing nothing. . . I tried to kill my time through various activities. . . Carrom. . . I must admit that i suck at it. . . there's something wrong with my finger that i can't seem to be able to hit straight and always end up the loser in the game. . . i guess i've resign to my fate. . . Chess. . . I started off feeling noob and didn't care about winning at all. . . but yet once i've won a few times, you expect yourself to win all the time. . . the feeling of losing begun tasting more and more bitter. . .
A game of chess can define your personality. . . Impatient. . i'm impatient. . . that was the culprit for my downfall. . . in chess. . . once you are impatient you are unable to analyse the opponent's move accurately. . . Tactless. . . A game of chess need a plan, a tactic to see you to victory. . . i don't play with tactic, but simply work my way out from step to step. . . In life, you need a goal, a tactic, you needa plan your life and work towards something you wanna achieve. . . somehow i felt i don't have a tactic in life too, i still haven't got an idea of what i'm gonna do in future, i've only got a tactic for the near future, to study and get a degree in university, not future, not what i've wanna be after university. . .

Guitar. . . i'm a slow learner. . . i really don't have musical talent. . . So i have to work harder than other people. . . Till now, i'm still struggling to strum a song. . . Haiz. . . i really wish i can manage to play a song and sing it to somebody man. . . Someday i can. . . i just have to work doubly hard. . . it's worth it. . !

Sometimes i felt maybe they just wanna earn your money man. . . Lesson 3 this evening and i thought i've did enough to get through. . . once again it was a letdown. . . leaving the driving centre feeling pissed for not being able to progress to the next lesson. . . arghhh. . .

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My IPOD Music Chart

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4.罗志祥 - 幸福不灭
5.罗志祥 - 个中强手
6.周杰伦 - 时光机
7.林俊杰 - 我还想她
8.周杰伦 - 说好的幸福呢


Name: Chen Zhicai (Call me Keith!)
Date of Birth: 3rd January 1987
Horoscope: Capricorn
Country: Singapore
School: Before- Xinmin Primary, Bowen Secondary, Serangoon Junior College. Now- 42 SAR, SP Coy, SPIKE Platoon. Future- National University of Singapore, Architecture.


Hangouts: K box, K pool
Music Genre: Chinese Pop
Singer: Jay Zhou
Songs: 用心听. 背叛. 退后. 非你莫属. Kiss Goodbye.
Games: Football Manager, Winning Eleven, DOTA
Sports: Soccer, Pool
Club: Liverpool
Player: Steven Gerrard


Sometimes, what you want in life may not be what you will achieve in life. Sometimes, what you want in life will change as you came to realise of your limitations and constraints.
University- A course that i want.
Pre-University- Car License/Bike license, get my own bike.


Team: Full-time v3 player
Jersey No.: 4
Position: Right Back
Description: Ambitious
History: Bowen 'C' Division(2001), Bowen 'B' Division(2002-2003), NYJC(2004 1st 3mths)

Position: Logistics Officer
Achievements: 2nd Orientation Camp 2005 Commandant, Mt Ophir Expedition 2005, Vertical Marathon 2005, Surf n Sweat 2005, NTU Adventure Trail Challenge 2004, National Youth Achievement Bronze


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