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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Merry Christmas. . .~!!!

Came back home at about 6am this morning. . . Rested for about 8 hours, but still feeling quite shag even though i have lost the will to continue sleeping. . . Gonna book in later tonight and spend the rest of the week days in camp. . . sianz. .

Watched the curse of the golden flower at ps yesterday's night. . . and i can tell you, it's a major disappointment. . . Typical zhang yi mou's movie. . . boring. . . just like the previous shi mian mai fu. . . didn't produce any surprises. . . and i would say i rather watch shi mian mai fu than this. . . Seriously wouldn't consider watching the show if jay chou has not acted in it. . . though, i will say i prefer the initial d than this. . .

Walked down the street of orchard road after the movie and again, saw people playing foam spray. . . except this time we didn't join in in this. . . we were cautious as we walked, avoiding places that make us easy targets. . . and on the way we witness a brawl. . . a group of chinese guys surrounding a bangala, kicking him on the ground. . . lucky the police came in time to stop and somehow the victim himself managed to get away unscathed. . . lucky fellow. . sometimes i think these people really deserved a whacking, remembered i used to see some of these bangala going around disturbing girls on the street with their foam spray during occasions like this. . . so i thought they are just getting their desert. . .

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Damn. . .! I lost my CD pouch. . . !! Searched every single corner of my room and still can't seem to find it. . .
You wander why i'm pissed off over losing such little thing. . . Lost a CD pouch, just buy another. . ! anyway it cost only less than 10 dollars for one. . .
But no! This album means alot to me man. . . Inside are CDs containing pictures. . . lotsa pictures. . . those that i had taken during my OCIP trips, my days in NYJC during the first three months etc etc etc. . .
Darn, i really feel my heart aching. . . these are wonderful memories, and i should slap myself for not keeping properly at the first place. . . oh, just where the hell is the cd pouch now. . .!!!
and ya, see how much it would mean if i had printed the photographs out and kept them in a PHOTO ALBUM. . . i wouldn't give a damn to where the pouch is if i had did so. . .

Today's christmas eve. . . another lonely lonely christmas. . .
I can imagine lotsa and lotsa couples holding hand walking along the orchard street now. . . christmas eve is just like a day you spend it with the one you love. . .
But well, for people like me, meet up a group of friend, watch a movie and find a place to talk cock, that's the best already. . . if not you can choose to be working on this day, make yourself extremely tired and go back home to have an early sleep at night. . . just like what i had did last year. . . simple and easy, work, tired and go back home to sleep, no celebration and treat it like another day. . .

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Failed my practical lesson 6. . .! Everytime got this fed up feeling whenever i failed. . . i thought road lesson will be a piece of cake, never did i imagine that i will panick and screwed up on my first time on road. . .

The road riding itself was fun. . . you can go to speed up to 70km/h at some part of the journey and i'm liking this kinda speed. . . yet minor things like lane changing and stopping set me up. . . the instructor says i was braking too late and change my signal too adruptly during lane change. . . i could only say i'm too into the riding that i forgot such. . . The bike that we are using now are new and i took some time to adapt to the controls. . .
and these caused me the failure. . . i really hate to fail as i think my progress is already very slow. . . in this rate, the date that i will get my license will only be delayed again and again. . .

next lesson, 30 december, 10.30 am. . . hope i can pass this time. . .

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Came back from our class's christmas gathering at si jie's house. . .

Remember last year we actually stayed overnight at his house. . . This year we didn't. . .
Somehow feeling isn't quite right. . . we are missing people like zixiang and sophia who are now, enjoying themselves at shanghai and japan. . . . maybe that's the reason. . .
but well, this gathering is still, to a certain extent, fun, meaningful and enjoyable. . . special thanks to the girls who got the preparations done. . .
The gathering itself, was like, as usual. . . basically the guys just stick as one group and the girls another, except for the present exchanging session. . . guess you will have to admit that there are almost no common topic between us. . . the guys got their army experience to share, and there are like never ending story to tell. . . the girls. . . well, i don't have an idea of what they are talking about. . . probably uni's life, fashion, uni guys. . . ? some times i find it kinda dull, yet i guess except the things about army, there's are nothing much to say. . .
The highlight of the gathering was perhaps the gift exchange. . . i bought a photo album from my last minute shopping trip and gave it away. . . and yiyang was the lucky guy who got it, though later he exchanged with lly. . . (cos it's most suited for girls)
well, the reason why i chose to buy a photo album was because i thought it's nice, special and meaningful. . . rather than those kiddy stuffs that they sell in minitoon and action city. . .
but anyway, the present that i received was from miss tan. . sally. . . it's actually a clock that came with a tyre design that bears the movie name, Cars. . .
i may appear sarcastic but i really think it's nice and appreciate it. . . though i think she will most probably think otherwise. . .

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Recovered from a fever that hit me for 3 days. . and now. . i'm back. . .!
Survived through a dengue scare, the speculation of a possible dengue fever, and i'm glad this has not been the case. . .

Back then, my fever hit 39.4 degrees. . . Doctor said it was a viral infection, but with no other signs and symptoms that could be causing such a high temperature, he wanted me to return for a blood test if the fever has not subside after 2days, as he suspect of other illness such as dengue that could be causing it. . .
That was quite a scare. . . and i really prayed hard for the fever to go down. . .

So, for the 2days, i suddenly became more conscious about my own body. . . Drink lotsa water, get lotsa rest and eat healthy food. . . and i guess they really paid off. . .
In the end, it's still up to yourself to take care of your own body. . .

3 days of off i took, and i didn't enjoy a single bit. . . it was certainly not a good time to fall sick. . . but well, do you have a choice. . .
1 more day and monday night i will be back to camp. . . and the first thing the next day. . . a 2 day 1 night outfield. . . this is really bad. . . an outfield just after i recovered from sickness. . . i hope i will be fine. .

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Friday, December 15, 2006

My throat felt like burning. . . my body feel so warm. . . i feel weak from head to toe. . . my eyes feel sore. . . i feel cold. . . darn, i'm really really sick. . . .

yesterday was cold and flu, now's cough, sore throat and may be even fever. . . i needa see a doctor. . .
years of falling sick tells me that i suffered from a viral infection, and for my knowledge, if you don't take the proper medication to cure it, it will take a long time to recover. . . so, despite my unwillingness to consult my family physician, i somehow managed to persuade myself to go. . .
my appointment's scheduled at 3.45pm, so meanwhile, i'm still suffering at the hand of this sickness. .

Some words from the heart. . Reflect and make a conclusion.

forget it, look forward, and move on. . .

if you know it's a dead end ahead, you don't blindly walk on and bang your head onto the wall. . .

if you realised the chances are not good, you don't gamble your way and sink deeper. . .

you don't do things that caused the miseries of another, if not you are a bastard. .

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

I've passed my RTT. . . finally. . . !!! it was just like a piece of cake afterall. . .

but well. . i really studied for that actually. . . passing it this time was just an expected result from the effort i've put in. . . and you realised things looked pretty much easier when you don't them for granted. .

alright, i've passed, got my provisional driving license and now lesson starts again. . . but sadly, my lesson will be on next friday, still a long way to go. .
seriously hope i can get my license soon. . .probably on february. . ? pray hard. . .

i'm on long long weekend. . clearing my off currently. . . it's not really an ideal week to clear the off and if i have a choice, i would have chose to clear it during the next week and the following week, a long christmas break then. . . unfortunately, with only 5 person allowed to clear their leaves and offs a day, those popular slots had longed been snapped up by the others. . so gonna make do with this arrangement. . .

haiz. . some thoughts shouldn't exist in my mind. . .

i'm still suffering at the hand of flu. . . inherited from my ps yesterday. . . i guess i really shouldn't have took off this week. . back in camp i will surely be able to get some status and then. . sleep the whole day. . haha. . what a waste. .

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I've caught a cold. . . ! Sneezing like that's no tomorrow, my nose is running like an opened tap. . feeling damn horrible. .!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Back to camp after a long break, it hasn't really been that kinda hell as expected. . . perhaps because it wasn't 2nd year for us yet. . . and life's been just like usual as before block leave commended. . .
So for the entire week, we have done some PTs, some drills and some sleeping. . .

Perhaps the most significant event that took place for the entire week in camp was the ippt. . . Of course, i had got my gold and not part of the group who took the test, but Jerome did and he managed to get his gold, finally. . . i wouldn't claim credit for it, but well, i'm glad that i have managed to help him to it in one way or another. . .
Pacing him for the entire of the 2.4km run was as good as taking the test myself. . . All the way, i timed, push and encouraged him before he finally managed to clock 9.38, a result that see him successfully to gold. . . A job done and accomplished. . . and it felt as though i'm the one who got the gold. . .

I'm feeling really tired now. . . This is 9 Dec 2006, saturday. . . 11 more months to ord. . . Sianz. . .
This morning went to play soccer with shanta, alvindar and our NSPS, nicholas. . . My toes ached, suffered some cuts and abrasion after the game. . . That's the problem with me, i played too hard, ran like nobody's business and then come all the injuries. . . now it hurts whenever i walk in shoes. . .
but well, that's how i play and enjoy the game. . and this morning, really no luck. . . i've lost count of how many of my shots hit the bar. . . nevertheless, we were still an owning force in the court. . . crashing out one opponent after another, until when we were finally tired, and let others have a chance to play too. . lolx. . .
And this evening. . . got a gathering to celebrate our KG's birthday. . . this little boy have finally turned 19. . . and look at me, i'm gonna turn 20 next month. . .! saw my classmates once again. . . not all, but at least there was a sign of improvement in the attendance this time, kelvin really command a certain level of respect in the class huh. . .
yet kinda feel everything was a bit short. . . and as usual, the girls left us alone again. . . well. . . look forward to your christmas celebration. . .

strangely after so much things happened, i'm still believing in fate. . . either had i resigned to my fate or i'm too obsessed with fate. . . having made my decision to put a full-stop to what was supposed to be a fruitless end, i'm leaving my destiny to fate, and seriously, i have phobia of failing now. . . i guess i won't bang my hand to the wall foolishly until i've confirm there's a possibility of success. . .
and currently, i guess i don't have the assets to be in this. . .

haiz. . i can't wait to ord. . . tomorrow, the following day, next week, next month. . gonna be another day. . sianz!

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

In a blink, block leave's over. . . Rested for so long, and here you go, gonna start the next phrase of your ns life.

A similar feeling of the first day of enlistment, filled with anxiety while at the same time, a mixture of fear and anticipation of what is to come. . .
The second year of national service, there are pictures of countless outfield trainings, intensive physical trainings and vigorous outfield exercises circulating in my mind. . . The thoughts of having to do my soc and ippt again worries me. . . I wander will i be able to clear them just as i had cleared them in the past. . .
No doubt SOC is my greatest fear, i will have to go through at least another round of hellious period of time to complete it within 9min30secs, and i guess i should pray hard to clear it at 1 go. .

So, expect a hectic period ahead. . . but nevertheless, i'm prepared to devote my concentration to trainings. . .
I guess this long break, may be too much, but had given me ample time to settle some things and reflect on the other. . . and now, i hope i'm mentally ready to take on what it might come. .

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