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Monday, January 29, 2007

The NianHe Wan Bao headline read. . . Xu Wei Lun bu zhi, li bo shi shen 43 xiao shi. . . I was shocked to see the news. . . Flipped through the newspaper pages and read more. . . and realised that she has been involved in a car accident on saturday. . . struggled for survival for 43 hours and passed away yesterday. . .
She's unrelated to me in anyway. . . neither am i a fan of hers. . . but somehow, felt kinda sad for her. . . maybe because i know who she is, a famous celebrity in taiwan who had starred in a quite a number of popular tv dramas. . . one of the pretty faces in taiwan's showbuzz, i first knew who she was as a girlfriend of li wei. . .
but well, anyway. . . she, her stories have all become part of history now. . . i'm sure people will remember her. . . so rest in peace. . bernice xu.

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I'm at home now. . on monday. . . blogging after watching the show. . The Peak. . . Xiao yang's paralysed in an accident while trying to save tian jun. . . and well. . the scenes where she was hospitalised and when she knew of her condition. . . were especially saddening. . .

I'm booking in early tomorrow to kranji camp. . . gonna be attached to the artillery division there for some exercise. . . 3 days 2 night of outfield. . . . haiz. . . gonna be extremely sian. . .
Last wednesday's experience didn't left me with very much desire to go back there again. . . It was only a training then, but we were having to wait on one side and do nothing for most of the time while they perform their own trainings. . . time pass slowly and i just hate that. . . This week is an exercise and i can predict things to be much more worse. . . having to go outfield and stay overnight, what's more for 2nights. . . this will be mentally challenging. . . the last time i stayed overnight was exercise maju bersama, and that's only for 1 night. . . the experience itself already proved traumatising. . .
haiz. . i've prepared some books and snacks, hope this will make my life easier out there. . .

Today was a bad day. . . spent the entire morning preparing the vehicle for milk's thurday floatation exercise. . . and then, with the body and soul badly needing some rest after a tiring morning, we were given drill lesson for marching badly back from cookhouse, made to tidy up our cupboard for inspection and a super physically demanding physical training. . . The pt's really shagged me up. . . i thought my running is reasonably good, but today, i barely met the timing except for the first lap. . . i sprint like crazy, came back first for the first round. . . and. . end of story. . my energy all devoured and the next few rounds i could only managed to jog. . .
i guess i needa rest. . .

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just as i thought i could pass. . . they surprised me again. . . bike lessons always never fail to give me any surprises. . . I was doing fine. . . i thought i was doing fine. . . perhaps just some minor mistakes here and there. . . and then, i realised that these cost me. . .
Forgotten to check a few blind spots, a sharp right turn. . . they were just minor mistakes to me. . . but i was made to repeat still. . . haiz
As usual. . . it always damn sian to have to repeat. . . though it's only the first lesson. . .
Nevertheless, i managed to convince myself that, repeat now will only means more practising chance and hopefully, when i go to lesson 8, i won't needa repeat for too many lesson. .

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's sunday. . another week about to be gone. . . one step closer to ORD. . .

Been another hectic week so far. . . Second year has barely kicked off and things have already start coming up. .
Last few weeks have been piled up with trainings. . outfield exercises etc etc. . . and for many weeks to come. . i can foresee that this is gonna be the same. . . especially with the start of the official platoon trainings and preparation for the upcoming platoon profiency test. . . then not forgetting that i've yet cleared my ippt and soc. . .
My greatest worry. . . My mind will not be at peace until i managed to clear these two tests. . . It's been like more than 6months since i last cleared my SOC, i wander would i be able to clear it at one go when the test come. . .

Earlier on on friday. . . Spent my first time on a chinook. . . part of the heliops exercise. . A mere 10 minutes on the helicopter. . . but the feeling was unforgettable. . . imagine flying at a height which allows you to capture the beautiful landscape of singapore. . . remarkable feel. . all the sweat from the 4-5km route march to the taking off point suddenly became worth. . .

I'm tired. . . so i've been spending quantity time sleeping at home this weekend. . . There was actually a weekend guard scheduled today. . . and for some unknown reason, it was cancelled. . . left with nothing else to do. . just sleep. . .

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

I thought i will have to repeat. . . again. . . I can sense it coming. . . and in the end. . I heave a sigh of relief, as the instructor handed me copy of the menu for lesson 7. . . I've passed. . .!!
This result wouldn't have come to anything meaningful to me if i've not been stucked here for so many lessons. . . I just can't help being delighted with myself. . .
Earlier on, i was really telling myself that i will not want to repeat this lesson again. . It's a humiliation, an embarrassment, to be the only one repeating for more than 2 lessons while you see those around you, all of them just took their second lesson. . .
Determined to pass this time round. . . I tried to keep my cool, riding through with ease with the experience i gained through so many lessons on this similar riding course. . . yet there were times where i still made some mistakes here and there. . . Minor, as i call them, but i was still worried that these will eventually caused me to repeat once again. . .
My heart pounding hard at the end of the lesson. . . i was somehow trying to get myself mentally prepared for a possible repetition. . .
Finally. . . as it turned out. . . I've passed. . . !

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

A big square brownie for my very belated birthday. . . Thank you very much. . .
Brought it home and ate a few pieces and it's really nice. . . as in i can taste the sincerity inside it. . .

We had our gathering at liang shi's house. . . Though i have been to his house for quite a number of times, i still ended up getting lost somewhere in his neighbourhood. . . His place is just too difficult to find, almost deep in the heart of a complicated area. . .
I did manage to make my way there eventually, but that is after skipping through a swampy path, wandering down rows of unfamiliar terraces before seeing liang shi. . He brought me there. .
Look like i had overestimated myself. . . thought my instinct could lead me there, but no it wasn't. . . it only led me somewhere there, not there exactly. . guess i needed sharpen my navigation skill. . .

Happy birthday to all those january babies. . huiting, zixiang and weiliang. . . and me! it was a feast yesterday night as we celebrate our birthday. . . had the girls to thank for all the wonderful dishes. . . but not good. . it doesn't seem to be a fine day for gathering. . . we got some absentees who are in camp for duties. . . darrell, yiyang, joseph. . . some unlucky guy confined. . poor kelvin got confined for long hair. . some still enjoying overseas. . zixiang's still in japan. . some lazy to come. . glen was still at home. . some have to work. . yvonne's working. . . and some didn't came with reason unknown to me. . . ellyn wasn't there because. . . but we got visitors. . si jie's little girlfriend. . . and liyun's boyfriend too. .
hmm. . guess it's a good idea to bring your girlfriend and boyfriend for gathering. . .

so well. . next gathering scheduled to be before or after chinese new year. . . it's my turn to contribute something. . . maybe a dish of fried rice. . ? i will try to make it edible i promise. . . lolx. .

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If. . . banging my head against the wall won't hurt. . . i won't hesitate to do it. . . you can imagine how much anger i had in my mind. . . and i desperately needed something to vent my anger. . . for i'm really really pissed off. .

This will be the third time i need to repeat my lesson. . . the feeling is digusting. . .
He said i didn't demonstrate enough confident. . . because i hesitated in making my turns. . .
Once bitten twice shy. . . remember the last time i was made to repeat for turning while they was an incoming taxi and now i developed a phobia. . . i waited for the road to be totally cleared before making a turn. . .
no more poor judgement this time. . . i was playing too safe. . . it's not demonstrating confident. . .
Whatever the hell it is. . . i can't stand staying at this stage any longer. . . i want to progress, i want to get my license soon. . . i want to ride on the roads of singapore. . . and i hate all these delays. . .
arghhh. . . darn it. .!!

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Today is the one year anniversary of my ns life. . . It's fast. . . if you think back at how this one year has gone. . . and if you look at the remaining 10months, you start to feel that it's a bit slow afterall. . .

Remember this day, last year. . . I'm already on the taxi, making my way to pasir ris interchange, where my fate in tekong awaits me. . My dad was there with me, but i managed to persuade him not to stay any longer. . . and i ended up alone on the trip to the island. . . It was then i realised, i was the few with no parent accompanying. . . It's kinda awkward and i was sticking to chuan ming who was with his sister, for most of the time. . . We took our oath at the auditorium, had a dinner at the cookhouse and when everything end, it was time where we were led to the grandstand at the parade square and there, the stern looking 3sg Chung Wei Siang read our platoon, section and bed no. . . It was a nervy moment as i was praying not to land up somewhere with total strangers around me. . . It works. . . I was inside a platoon with 60-70% srjcians. . . With that. . we drew our army items, went to our bunk and from then, my ns life begins. . .

Went out for a soccer match just now. . . Extremely tired now. . . They won the game, but guess my performance was a big flop. . . Was playing at an unfamiliar centre midfield role. . . I didn't ran much, yet i was feeling a lack of breath just minutes after the game kicked off. . . Haven't been running for more than a week, and realised my stamina has dropped to a disastrous extent. . . gonna trained up soon. . .
Gave up after 70mins as i complained of an aching leg. . true that is, but the underlying reason was because i was too ashamed to carry on with that kinda standard of play i'm putting in. .

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

[Flu again(adapted from song "fool again" by westlife]Can't believe that i have flu again. . . . [Flu again]. . .
I seem extremely vulnerable to flu. . . haven't just caught a flu like not long ago. . . ?
My immune system. . . what happen. .?

A movie of confession of pain. . . reasonable movie. . . kinda typical. . . chinese movies. . . their directors never fail to not deliver you with any surprise. . . Just like infernal affairs, this movie empathise so much on the main plot that the less important mysteries were left unexplained. . . well, i'm not a chosy movie viewer. . so that's all right for me, at least it's like 10 times nicer that curse of the golden flower. .

Guess what. . Lesson 6 failed again. . darn. .! isn't i useless. . .? two out of 8 failed today. . and i actually managed to scored the 25% chance. . ain't i lucky. .?
I got no one else to blame. . only myself. . i knew today was a lousy day. . . and i rode like crap. .
Out on the road, i'm felt as helpless as a fish on the land. . . because i can't really apprehend most of what the instructor had taught. . . no talent that is. . .
giving up hope soon. . . like to no longer care about passing or failing. . no longer care when i will get my 2B license. . fed up with myself. .

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Went back to camp on that night of my birthday. . .
The moment i stepped into my bunk, changed into my admin, and then, i found myself surrounded by people. . . people armed with pillow. . . whacking me hard with it. . . Happy birthday!! They shouted as i was helplessly assaulted by them. . .
I didn't resist, for i had expected that. . . it's their way of wishing you happy birthday, and that's all we play. . .
At the end of it, i could feel the entire of my body burning. . . my skin was red. . . They had sure whacked me damn hard. . . and if you thought that was the end. . . no. !

Sleeping soundly already on thursday night, few of them woke me up from my dream with another round of pillow assault. . . This time, it really pissed me off. . . I got up on my bed, and stared hard at the attackers, ordering them to stop. . . So agitated that i was prepared to throw a punch if they haven't stop in time. . .
It was a tiring day and having slept so soundly, i wasn't prepared to land up like this. . . I thought i was safe already, afterall it's been 24hours past my birthday. . .
I didn't know whether it was ok to have reacted like this, but i apologised after i knew they had brought cake and was having another celebration for me. . . well. .

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why am i here. . .? Shouldn't i be somewhere. . . in camp. . .?

No. . ! I'm back at home. . . Thanks for the birthday present that pc had given. . . a birthday off. . . ''salute. .!

Reached home after another half day of hardwork. . . servicing and washing the vehicle ecetera. . . As usual, it's tiring. . . and today, it felt like a full day of work. . . Only me and melvin were around to do the job. . . and melvin was not om trained. . . so that left me to do most of the work. . .
let me hope that this is the last time i'm gonna performed such hard labour. . .

Back to birthday. . . Just moments of the start of my birthday now. . . Thank those who had sent their birthday wishes. . THANK U VERY MUCH. .
Gonna spent this day at home. . . expected myself to be in camp so well, since i got this unexpected off, i didn't plan to go out at all. . .

Okie. . 20 years old. . . i actually thought it don't bear much meaning. . . 21st seems more meaningful instead. . . but i remembered liyun told me. . . 20 means no more starting with 1 already. . . sounds kinda funny, but you think about it then it's quite true. . .
Maybe since i'm not going out for the day, i can use the day to reflect and think about my life. . . the past and future. . . then, if i got the mood, i may choose to post it here. . .

Did someone just wished me happy birthday. . .? oh it's me. . . Happy 20th birthday to myself. . . !

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Returning back to camp again. . . Booking in so early to finish up the job left over last week. . .
Cleaning and washing the vehicle. . . Servicing the vehicle to the conditions that are required for the inspection etc etc etc. . .
The LRI inspection has really made life exceptionally difficult and busy for us. . . For the entire of last friday and saturday, we were there in the vehicle shed, slogging our life out. . . Saw people, one by one from each company booking out for their early new year celebration, while we were still stucked there fixing the vehicle. . .
It's tiring and frustrating. . . Lotsa works just cropped up last minutes. . . The criterias for the inspection were only told to us last minute and all of a sudden, there were lotsa things to do yet little time left. . . So much so that we worked until 12am on friday and 5pm on saturday. . . This is like 10 times more tiring than going outfield. . .
What's more infuriating was, getting our book out timing delayed and delayed again and again. . . At the beginning we were told that we will be able to book out on friday night, and we were made to stay because the tech squad are inspecting our vehicle on saturday and we will needa stay back to help. . . then, ps say will let us return latest by saturday noon, so we tried to rush against time so that we can book out on time, and in the end, new things cropped up again and we were staying back until dinner time without anyone saying a word. . .
It's screwed up. . . a few times that we were feeling so tired and hungry but still continued to work so that we can finish the work and go back home sooner. . .
And now, despite rushing, the work still can't be finished, and we were booking in early to finish up the remaining work. . . all thanks to the oc. . .

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It's 9.45am. . . Leaving for camp in an hour's time. . .

This birthday. . . most probably gonna spent it in camp. . . Didn't really like the idea of doing so, yet i guess it's a once in a lifetime thing, anyway next year this time i will have been no more an nsf. . .
there's still a chance where i can get a compassion off. . . still pending. . . but no matter what, i don't really care anyway. . . so far no programme for the day and i'm mentally prepared to spend it in camp. . .

20th birthday. . . actually it bear not much significant to me. . . so celebrate or not doesn't really matters. . . i know as long as you in the army, life's still the same. . . dull and boring. . .
Nevertheless. . . i got birthday wishes to make. . . . . . . . . . . . done!
got a few wishes but i'm not gonna say it all. . .
- hope this year can pass quickly. . . if i have the remote control like the one in the movie, Click, i will fast forward this year. . . to november 6, when i can finally ord. .
- hope i will be able to switch my uni course from FASS to NUS business. . .
- . . . .
- . . . .

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Counting down. . . 10. . . 9. . . 8. . . 7. . . 6. . . 5. . . 4. . . 3. . . 2. . . 1. . . 0. . . !! Happy New Year. . .!! Goodbye 2006 and welcome. . . ! 2007!

This's the first day of the year and i had spent more than half of the day in my dream. . .

Last night has been really happening. . . It was the first time i drank to such a horrible extent that i vomited two times in a row. . .
New year eve and i was in a pub somewhere in boat quay, with jia liang, zhen wei, willy and sen rong, my buddies. . . Preparing to spend the first few moment of this new year drinking our hearts out. . .
Not someone who drinks often nor do i like to drink, but since this was a rare happy occasion that we gather to celebrate this occasion, i didn't mind having a bit too much. . . anyway i was thinking of experiencing the feeling of being drunk. . .
And i really drank a lot. . . played the guessing game and ended up losing and drinking. . . then, we were toasting again and again. . .
this way, i found myself feeling giddy and nausea in no time. . . i was determined to test my alcohol limit then, so i carried on playing the game and drink. . . until i couldn't hold on anymore and vomited in the toilet. . . Felt better after vomiting and continued drinking till i vomited the second time. . . the feeling really suck when you drink so much that you vomited. . . Nevertheless, despite drinking to that extent, i was still much awake after all, guess i can still hold my liquor well. . .

Drank so much and my conscious was almost down. . . Sang wildly in the presence of so many people i don't know. . . i will never do that when i was fully conscious. . . that's crazy to me. . laughing stupidly over little things with my friends. . . that's madness. . but the feeling of 'highness' after drinking was surprisingly enjoyable in this occasion. . .

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Name: Chen Zhicai (Call me Keith!)
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Sometimes, what you want in life may not be what you will achieve in life. Sometimes, what you want in life will change as you came to realise of your limitations and constraints.
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Description: Ambitious
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