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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Every day passed is a day towards ORD. . .
and my 1 week attend c gone like this. . .
alright it's not too bad after all. . . i didn't have to book in later because i have an appointment early in the morning tomorrow and then, this week gonna be short anyway. . .
basically just book in tomorrow, then tuesday we will be having a platoon cohesion at chevron - an overnight chalet, and then be back to camp by 12pm on wednesday for a COC parade and book out after that. . . thursday is a public holiday and hopefully on friday i will be able to get an off so that i don't have to return to camp on thursday night. . .
such a long time not back to camp and i'm really thinking about ord, it feels like it's just tomorrow. . . gonna get myself rid off that thought. . it's still long to go. . . 5months plus to go, more than 150 days after today. . . terrible feeling to count down now. . .

I'm kinda sick now again. . been falling sick quite often recently. . . thanks to the weather. . global warming. . . stomach flu last time and now, sore throat, flu. . . made me lost my appetite, it hurts when i tried to swallow any food. . . damned feeling to be sick. . .
last few days been busy. . . like any other weekend. . . woke up early everyday. . . on saturday for soccer and sunday for tuition. . hardly getting enough sleep. . . sorta suffering a slight insomnia. . . and look around my eyes. . . my student asked if i applied mascara. . . i must have really thick dark circles already. . .

i'm damn tired. . hope there's nothing to do in camp tomorrow then i can take the chance to sleep. . . becoming a slacko already. . . but everyone's doing the same. . why not me. . ? garang times are over. . . smooth going week ahead. . !

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

My heart sank. . . Liverpool lost 2-1 to milan. . .
On every inch of the pitch, they were on spar with milan, or even better. . . but somehow or rather, milan managed to squeeze in two goals which won the game for them. . .
This is the thing about football. . . sometimes the better team don't always win. . .

It is never easy to win a team like ac milan twice in a row in a final, and that was why i had predicted a milan victory. . . yet when it really happened, i still felt kinda sour. . . darn. . why can't it prove me wrong. .

Alright, i made up my mind to accept the architecture course that i am offered. . . I was really hesitant in my decision, but in the end, i realised, i don't have other choice too. . . I can't do what i want, so i rather do something that will give me prestige, or grant me respect at least. . . Everyone told me that architecture isn't easy. . . and i know that. . . but when i've managed to survive through the ordeals perhaps people will start looking up to me. . . so if i have to, then i will have to study darn hard. . . meanwhile, i will just keep trying for business. . . and pray that they have some sympathy and take me in. . .

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Monday, May 21, 2007

As the anaesthetic starts to wear off, i'm beginning to feel more pain. . . It's really starting to get very painful now. . .
I haven't taken by painkillers, i'm still waiting for my meal before i can take them. . . meanwhile, i've to endure the pain. . .

The process wasn't too much torturing. . . Just perhaps only at the anaesthetic injection that is rather painful, the rest of it you jus feel. . . vibrations in your mouth. . . those of sawings, drilling and stitching. . .
It was my first time going under knife, and naturally i was nervous. . . during the moments that i was waiting before the numbness to take effect before the surgery can start, i felt like a pig waiting to be slaughtered. . . i was worried that the anaesthetic will not be enough to conceal the pain. . .
But it all ended fast and well. . .

It all hasn't end yet. . . the remaining days to recovery won't be too easy. . . and seriously i feel like a blood sucker now. . . the bleeding is continuous, and my mouth, even with the gauze there trying to stop the blood flow. . .
Nevertheless, still going fine and strong. . . the worst part is over i hope. . .

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

I heard from ya hui that jerry's girlfriend passed away. . . It has been quite some time but i just knew it. . . Kinda slow but i haven't been contacting him for quite a while. . . I knew he had a girlfriend all along. . . and i believe since army guys spent 5 out of 7 days in camp training, the weekends should be reserved for their love ones. . .

i just visited his blog. . . the feeling of pain and agony. . . i can feel his sorrows. . . his sadness. . . it must have been a big blow. . . he's someone who love deeply, and he is suffering deeply. . . i didn't know the correct words to put in to express my condolences. . . but simply, i wish he will be find and get over it soon. . .

someone please watch over this good man. . and let him find happiness again. .

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Tomorrow is a scary day to come. . . I'm going for my wisdom tooths surgery. . .! I'm so worried. . . i wonder if it will be painful. . . Justin told me the anaesthetic needle will make you scream in pain. . . He said the feeling throughout the process will be a nightmare. . . I'm pretty much turned off with the idea of dental surgery now. . . but. . i want the 5 days attend c. . . !
1/2hrs of suffering in return for 5 days break from camp. . . it's worth it. . . what's more that it is free. . . SAF will pay. . . !
The excruciating pain. . . i tried hard not to imagine. . . I guess i will just close my eyes and let them do whatever necessary and pray that the whole process get off quickly and smoothly. . . Pain is temporary. . ! Attend Cs are hard to come. . !

I met ya hui just now. . . i had asked to meet her so that i can pass her her birthday present and we ended up chatting at starbuck in compass point. . . I guess never have before that we had got such a good long chat. . .
It's not any break through between us though. . . It's just like a talking cock session between two good friends, that's all. . . I didn't think much of it either. . .
We can't be couple but we can be good friends. . . talking cock, chit chatting, playing a listening ear just like any other good friend to her. . . i'm satisfied enough with this way. . .

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

It was my second time joining these bunch of kids for their activities. . . and i'm happy that they remembered my name. . . keith kor kor. . . as they called me. . .

It has been going pretty well getting along with them. . . From them i learned, socialising with children doesn't require too much words. . . It's how you treat them, the way you make them feel your kindness, the way you make them feel that you are someone fun and nice as a kor kor. . .
in fact, with no experience, sometimes you don't even know what is the correct things to say or ask in order to bond with them better. . .

going down there to help out is always a learning experience. . .

today they did the theme on trust. . . basically the kids were paired up and one of them blindfolded. . . his/her partner is to guide him/her safely through the route around the complex led by us. . . so as kor kors and jie jies. . . we stick around looking after their safety, guiding them along the way. . .
then, they had a drawing session. . . to draw a portrait of their best friends. . . they surely enjoy drawing. . . they drew pictures of powerpuff girls, boys or girls with a big head and small body. . . and one of the girl even drew me. . . i didn't expect myself to become their best friend so quickly. . . but i'm delighted to know i've been a good kor kor. . .
children. . . sometimes when i walk round observing them, i will suddenly throw into laughters. . . because the things they do. . . i find it so cute and funny. . . perhaps this was what made them so adorable. . .

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My foot hurts. . ! Some idiot just whacked my leg during a soccer game just now. . .

i'm back from soccer again on this saturday morning. . . it was not one of those day that i had really enjoyed playing. . .
i always look forward to saturday morning. . . because it's a time for soccer at the court somewhere near bowen secondary. . .
yet i can only say that i only enjoy when i play with some of the teams there. . . at this stage, i've got no more motivation playing with teams that doesn't appear challenging to me. . . those that i consider 'noob' teams. . . it sounds that i'm as though speaking like i'm some expert at this field, i seriously don't think so. . . i don't think i'm some fantastic player but it's precisely because of the fact that i'm lousy that i needa play against team with higher quality to improve. . . ans somehow playing against good teams and winning them give you a sense of satisfaction. . .
currently at the court the dominating side remains nicholas's team. . . they have a good 5 players who stick to playing together all the time. . . developing a kinda playing style that make them a cut above the rest. . . then perhaps there's the navy's team. . . good because they have a few attacking style players who can dribble and hold the ball relatively well. . .
for the rest of teams, they are simply there to try for a lucky win or fill the side spaces. .
As for my team, we still can't make the mark i should say. . . one thing is because we don't have a fixed 5 players who play well and regularly. . . we don't have a good person to take care of the two poles. . .
so well, sometimes i felt a bit sian. . . no motivation to play against noob teams, and on the end, unable to beat the better teams. . . ended up waiting and waiting for your turn to come. . .

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Such a long and dreadful week. . .

I'm tired of life in camp. . . it sucks. . .

5 full days in the camp. . . no nights out, it was horrible. . .
We have servicing to do. . . everyday. . . another 100 hours servicing this week. . . how can i not shout pain. . .
It's no escape from it. . . no escape from doing servicings. . . if i don't do, other drivers will have to do more. . . as a responsible friend and platoon mate, that's no way to treat them. . .
As much as i tried to be there to help and do my part everytime there's work, on circumstances like the one i had this week, i have got no choice but to skip to rest for a day. .
Down with a stomach flu on wednesday. . . I had a jab and 2 days light duties. . . Felt weak, tired, lost all my appetite, the only thing i can do is to lie on the bed and rest. . . It was entirely a big bad day. . . they had just assigned us with a new 100 hours servicing and it was left to only 2 person to perform the job. . . we have 5 drivers including me at first. . . yu ngai was down with the same symptom as me, jerome had left for his medical appointment and that left only zixiang and shanta. . . bad souls. . . they must have suffered during the first day. . .
the second day of the servicing. . . though i'm still on status, i had managed to recover well enough to help. . . and this time, we completed the job, after smoking through here and there. . . it's shit. . . i sick of seeing bronco, doing servicings, 100 hours. . . craps. .

the only good thing this week so far was that i received the piece of good news that i had got accepted for nus architecture. . . good new. . . but i'm still considering. . . i still want business badly. . .

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Got the longer sleep i wanted finally. . . Everyday has been like sleeping late, waking up early for so long. . . even during the weekends. . . And today, i slept till 11 plus. . . my much desired long sleep finally. . .
It wasn't that long anyway. . . just perhaps slightly more than 10 hours, but it's better than nothing. . . Throughout the last few weekends i've been waking up at times like 8 or 9plus, so that i can go for soccer or my tuition lessons. . . with the 10 hours sleep i had today, i couldn't ask for more. . . my weekend mornings are always occupied with stuffs, so i can foresee that it will be some time to go before i can have another long overnight sleep like this. . .

I went for my first volunteer work at CDC yesterday. . Nothing much actually, just a 1.5hours session and i was time simply doing the job of facilitating. . . It was a mothers' day activity, the kids were basically taught to make paper flowers for their mum as a present. . . Enjoyable and enriching for not only the kids but me too. . . I never know how to fold flowers, so while doing my job in facilitating, i learned something too. . .
As for the kids, they are a bunch of shy and fun loving people. . . but i would say i wasn't very good at socialising with the them, but i just tried my best to. . . It's my first time seeing them around, so are them, so i'm hoping to go down more often to know them better, then maybe it won't be so difficult to bind with them. . . so the likelihood is that i will try to fix my schedule such that i can join them every week if possible. . .

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Friday, May 11, 2007

This week. . . I managed to earn $200 more. . . Secured my marksman on Monday. . . It was like a piece of cake. . . even though i still missed 3 shots. . . My team hit a total of 130 out of 140, and with three misses, i'm one of the bobo who contributed 30% of all the misses. . . Well, i don't care, as long as the 200 dollars is achieved and my last living firing in ns is over. . .

It's been certainly a week that i want to get it over and done with as soon as possible. . . Servicings for almost every single day in camp and the outfield combat shoot on monday. . . they are miserable times. . .
Tuesday was the worst. . . We spent the entire day rushing out a 100hours servicing for the bronco, which was usually done in 2 or 3 days. . . Shag. . .
There's something really infuriating in camp nowadays. . . The technicians are practically pushing whatever things that they can to us, even those that are usually done by them. . . It's pissed off. . . it was why we were doing servicings for almost all the days. . . bunch of good for nothings they are. . . only see them going for breaks after breaks and do minimal stuffs. . . SAF don't pay them to slack. . .

Everything was bad for this week except that today is an off day. . . K box with joey and jerome before turning out for the volunteer orientation for CDC. . . Then, came home with hui jun, one of the volunteer there, who happens to live in the same block as me. . . what a coincidence. . . and what was more a coincidence that she stay in 10 floor and i stay in 9. . . there was even a point of time that we even thought we stayed in the same side of the block. . . how small can this world be. . .!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

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Name: Chen Zhicai (Call me Keith!)
Date of Birth: 3rd January 1987
Horoscope: Capricorn
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Games: Football Manager, Winning Eleven, DOTA
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Sometimes, what you want in life may not be what you will achieve in life. Sometimes, what you want in life will change as you came to realise of your limitations and constraints.
University- A course that i want.
Pre-University- Car License/Bike license, get my own bike.


Team: Full-time v3 player
Jersey No.: 4
Position: Right Back
Description: Ambitious
History: Bowen 'C' Division(2001), Bowen 'B' Division(2002-2003), NYJC(2004 1st 3mths)

Position: Logistics Officer
Achievements: 2nd Orientation Camp 2005 Commandant, Mt Ophir Expedition 2005, Vertical Marathon 2005, Surf n Sweat 2005, NTU Adventure Trail Challenge 2004, National Youth Achievement Bronze


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