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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good times never seemed long enough. . i just cant get enough. . .
A good meet up, i can tell you after going through so much in these two years or more, jc years is still the best. . i miss those moments, seriously, back then it was so much fun isn't it. .

Sometime when you turn back and look at the past, you smiled. . for the good things and the bad ones. . You saw those beautiful moments which left you with so much joy and laughters and you would also see how foolish your actions sometimes will be. .

Im kinda tired so wont go too long. . A picture gonna speak a thousand word. . i will wait for the photos to be sent to me then i shall post some nice ones here. .

Alright, zinc was actually celebrating her birthday today. . . a pity that i couldnt stay long enough for the cake cutting. . well i will compensate i promise. . anyway it's still like more than 8days away. . no hurry, we got plenty of time to celebrate again. .

finally can get a break from word. . been working everyday this entire week. . slogged so hard and cant see the money yet. . it may not turn out to be that much either. .
i just spent 200 over dollars on clothes yesterday. . another rare spending spree. . i need a change of image do i? tired of my current ragged outfits. . but changing cost money. . if i can i will be changing a new wardrobe. .

31st gonna be a special night. . i hope it turns out well. . may not have that much time to get it prepared. . pray for the best. .

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Went to zouk with wai gang, sigmund and kelvin yesterday night. . terrific night i had. . enjoyed myself. .
i guess i never like clubbing. . always got this thought that i cant dance and i don't like to dance. . always been telling myself that i prefer somewhere quiet just to have a drink and talk cock with friends. .

however, thing can just change overnight. . suddenly clubbing became a new fun thing to me. . it's fun, seriously. .
if not for the high cost, i will definitely get people to go often with me. . i spent close to a hundred buck just purely on one night. . drinks, cab fares etc. .

it happened to be SIM uni night yesterday. . coincidentally we actually saw quite a number of srjcians down there. . whether those we know or don't know, those of the same age or older. .
the moment we stepped to the entrance and the first person came to our eyes. . bernice. . she was there, part of the organising committee i supposed. . not forgetting that she was once wai gang's crush. . i managed to get waigang to take pictures with her. . of course i do took one with her too, and the three of us took one together. . just to save the awkwardness. . i had even wanted to get wai gang to dance with her, but well, didn't manage to find her in the dancefloor eventually. .
kinda crazy for me, but i felt tipsy pretty soon after a couple of drinks. .
anyway, relax and enjoy. . it's good feeling to be in the dancefloor once you have a drink or two. .
it was quite a good way to splash cash. . we have got at least 6 graveyards. . awful drink but you get high pretty soon after having that. . 2 flamy lambos, 2 gin tonic and then some other funny drinks which kelvin and sigmund actually ordered. .

i shouldn't forget to mention that i was there immediately after work. . got my bag along and actually found that wasn't any more space at the bag deposit. . simply just dumped it at a remote area at the hotel outside and retrieved it back after the party. .
and i realised then i wasnt the only one who chionged after work. . cindy was there too, to my amaze. .
i continue to be amazed when i saw jocelyn, in the dancefloor. .
this night was to be super happening as familar faces popped out one after another. . even till i was leaving i saw my primary school classmate, william outside. .

a tiring day at work finally over now. . carried my weary body with insufficient sleep back to the office for a full day of work. .
but it was damn fun. . look forward once more. .

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't say no picture. . don't say never update. . here you got one. .

I took kinda long to blog this happy day that i had spent with this bunch of kids. .
I smile when i thought of them. . they were simply awesomely loving, cute and special. .
The moment i introduced myself to the group, the moment they know me, we were like bonded together as if we had all known each other before. . That's perhaps the thing about kids, they won't hesitate to be your friend as long as they know you are nice. .
I was wearing my srjc official t-shirt on that day. . and from the moment of the icebreakers, they started calling me 'officer'. . amusing. . then they started following me where-ever i went initially. .
It was the start of a fun day to come from that point of time. .
It's amazing how far that you can go when you actually put down your image and do all sorta things in order to make it fun. . To them, you have show them you are fun person to be with, yet to an extend, to yourself, you know that you have a role to play - to take care of them like a big brother besides ensuring they do enjoy the camp. .
I'm surprised at how enthusiastic i can become in these kinda outdoor camp. . or maybe it could because of the kids. .
you know that you have done well when you can sense that the kids do like you. . and to me, it may sounds ridiculous, it was when they actually dare to crack jokes on you. . well, chermaine and crystal laugh that im a gay and then tried to pull down my short. . ya ming kept doing that action on his mouth, implying that my mouth is big, then he kept asking my age because of the white hairs i have. . i have another girl who i had forgotten her name because she came in kinda late, who kept sorta wanting to irritate me with her words. . havoc kids! but it was all for fun, laughter, peace and joy. .
Words just won't be able to describe how much i enjoy the company of these cute people. . not only for my group, but for every single kids we have in the camp. . they were terrific bunch of children. . a pity that i wasn't able to stay with them because of work in the morning. .

anyway, the last thing that did for the night was the decoration of christmas tree. . i had got pictures of what they had done. . beautiful they were. .

I had got a wish written on a card hung on one of the trees. . it says 'happy everyday'. .
it was a simple wish. . yet how easy for it to be fulfilled. .

alright. . great day with the kids. . hope i will be able to see them all again some day. .

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Friday, December 14, 2007

i can tell you i hate going to see a doctor. .

and today, just now, was the first time in my life that i had did anything like this. .
i am as fit as a fiddle. . just perhaps slightly sleepy because well, sleep is never enough to me, what's more that i have to wake so early these few morning to attend to my job. .
so there i went, intending to go to my family physician initially, i ended up at a clinic at hougang green. .it's a lot nearer and well, a higher chance to get my wish fulfilled i thought. .
i hesitated in walking in actually, it was kinda crowded and i was still figuring out a way to make my 'act' convincing. . walked a big round around hougang green and finally took the courage to step into the clinic. .
i was a new patient there, i filled up the form. . keith chen zhicai. . took up a seat and waited patiently for my turn to consult the doctor. . meanwhile, i was brainstorming for ideas how to bluff my way through. . . it's kinda amazing how powerful your brainpower can be, purely just sitting there for a couples of minutes made me so sleepy and within moments i have found myself in an unwell mood. .

my turn came, i was kinda anxious. . however in order to make it so obvious, the first answer i replied to the doctor when he asked me what happened was. .
"nothing much actually, just a slight migraine since this morning". . he proceeded to ask where it hurts. . pointing to the left and right of the head. . not sure if that had exposed my true colours, i opted not to take any of the 50/50 answers, instead i told him it was the back. . i do remember having ache on the back of my head anyway. .
he went to do a couple of more tests. . taking my temperature, blood pressure, shining light into my eyes. . i felt myself shaking. . i didn't feel comfortable taking these these test actually. .

anyway, i went on to lie to him that i have been working pretty hard these couple of weeks and it accounts for a lack of rest. . all these such that in the end i can request for him for a day of mc tomorrow. .

i got my wish. . at a $28 expense. . that's a lot of money. . $20 was my budget then. . i wanted to go to the polyclinic tomorrow initially but it crashed with my volunteer work even if i take the earliest time. . so, big money spent, looks like i will have to work a bit more ot to make up for this unnecessary expense. .

but then, i felt guilty too. . even as i needed this mc so that i can excuse from work for the volunteer camp tomorrow. .
i saw those who were on the queue to consult the doctor. . young kids, old folks who looked really sick to me. . and there i am, perfectly well, feigning illness and lengthening the queue. .
i wouldn't want to do this again if possible, i may not have integrity, may not be a good fellow but i do have my conscience. . this is kinda bad to me. .

alright, tomorrow gonna be an entire day in the volunteer camp. . i was intending to go down tonight to have some briefing with the rest of the volunteer, but well, it will be quite a hassle since i still have to go down early in the morning to jssc to arrange the kids over there. .
i hope tomorrow i will be fun. . .

it reminded me of odac, the second orientation camp. . i miss the times. . where me, jerry, raymond and pow, went through recces, had a great time organising the camp. . it was really fun, memorable also. .

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How far would you go for someone you love. .
I will do what i can, what about you. .

You cant have one party giving, and the other party only recieving. . you need both parties to be giving the same amount in order to make it work. .

If dont love, dont force. . we always know that love cant be forced, how many times have you thought of making someone who dont love you to love you. .

I choose to let you choose what you want. . but i will never regret what i chose. . i never regret the words i said. . i never regret what i did. .

i may have failed. . but i tried. . if there is one more chance again. . i will be better. .

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Monday, December 10, 2007

You finally reply. . is that the way you say good bye. . ?

You told me that you have made a rash decision. . you told me you weren't ready to commit to anyone. . you told me the first ones who came into your mind was your closer friends. . you said we should take things slow. .

you are right. .

but how do i contain this agony inside my heart. .

i am a man, a guy, i am gonna be 21. . why am i still feeling this bitterness inside when i have told myself that i had got prepared for the worst. .

let me sank in this sea of sadness tonight. . . i promise i will wake up tomorrow and return with a smile to my life again. . .

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

i dreamt of you last night. .
you told me your fine, you told me what had happened was our test of time. . you told me that we will still be like before. .
suddenly i found myself holding your hands again. . yet at that moment where i found we were so close once more, i open my eyes and saw myself facing the reality. .

i don't live in sadness. . i don't indulge in agony. . and in fact i live a normal life just like you and me for most of the time. .
but sometimes when certain things just came to my mind, i became too carried away with my emotions. . im not immature, not that pathetically helpless enough to sank my heart and soul into deep agony for too long. . but sometimes i really prefer to let it be what i am, to quietly feel the sadness in me. .

well, don't have to worry about me. . rong said i am someone who knows how to think about things. . that's a fact. . i believe i am, perhaps a bit foolish at times but i do know what is the correct way to handle my own affairs. .

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Friday, December 07, 2007

If this is true, then heaven must be playing a cruel joke on me. . .

but why. . am i denied the right to know the truth. . .

im getting back where and how i used to be. .
if that had not happened, how will life be then. . will we be happier. . .

the thing about this job that i am on is that you can really have very bad days. . . today is one of them. . . i got so many dispute cases, got scolded by a few braggarts. . i feel like telling them to f off all the times. .
im so tired. . . i had been OTing for the last two days just not to have my off day returning to clear the outstanding 5hrs ot that must be cleared every week. . i realised perhaps returning to clear all one of the off days will be a better choice. .
anyway, i managed to get this swap from sunday to saturday so that i can play some soccer tomorrow. .
i desperately needa let off steam. .
all these stress accumulated in me, almost gonna turn me into IMH. . it wasn't a good week. .

how do u read the mind of someone else. . . how can you touch the heart of another. . .
one day when the truth is unravelled, you will hear the shattering of the heart. . .


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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rong told me, that god will never give us a smooth sailing life. .
God gives us a life, filled with adversities such that for every one of them we overcome, we learn, gain something and become a better person. . .

He was right. .
I am a person who know this all the while. . A lot of times i had managed to apply this. . that im not afraid to fail because i know that after every failure, i become better. .
im just one who learn things through the hard way. . i screwed things up initially, because compared to others, im slightly more stupid and took a longer time to learn and adapt. . but eventually, after all the initially hiccups, i still managed to stand up high and tall. .
in this job, i must say i created cropped up 90% of the times. . others may be saying what i cockster i am, i don't care. . i know this is a difficult initial phase of the journey that i have to go through, that after this, things will become better as i become better. .

I haven't been able to apply this for every areas of my life. . i must learn to. .
- adversities provide opportunities to learn and be better.

One of the few strengths that i know that i have is the level of commitment that i give in anything i do. . no matter what is it, soccer match, working, training, relationship. . when i do something, i give my heart and soul. . but i should realise that this could also be my downfall. .
i have an impulsive personality. .
In soccer, i never hesitate to give anyone a piece of my mind when he actually made a mistake that lose the game. . the point is, i had worked so hard in the game and can't accept the fact that someone else had actually made my efforts all gone down to drain. .
It was more of impulsive than anger. . i just blew off without processing it in my head. . i have to change. .
In a relationship, it's never only about giving. . im overly dedicated, too anxious to give everything i could, too rush to get relationship going. . i forgotten that i needa give the other party breathing space. .

Everything, anything you do, you have to get it processed in your head before it's done. .
Never be overwhelmed by a moment of impulse. .

Im so useless now. . but im trying to learn, to change. . god didn't give me a smooth sailing life. .

indulging in agony. . i couldnt read your mind. . . was it right from the start. .

if i live my life again, will it be a better one. .

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Im so tired. . and when im tired, im extremely negative. . .

work, work, work. . worked so much in the end i don't even see the purpose. . now that im bonded to this contract, i cant even say no that i don't want to work. .
im damn sian. . damn sian. . don't feel like working anymore. . but this sucks, i cant choose not to work. .it's draining all my energy, it's lefting me little time to do the things i want. . i really don't see the worth now. .
yet sub-consciously i still realised that i need that income to buy me the kinda life i want. . the luxurious clothes, the lifestyle. .

im damn tired. . i really need a source to throw all my frustrations into. . fuck man. . i feel like dying. .
pardon that i don't really use vulgar in my blog. .

this is freaking similar to army. . i hate it. . i don't have time to enjoy at all. . cant even play soccer on saturday. .

damn it . .!!!!!

now that i know i cant be a good boyfriend. . i fucking get jealous so easily. .
perhaps im too tired. . too tired. .

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