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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I will have been extremely polite not to throw in any vulgarities into the conversation. . i would love to. . and it was truly uncomfortable in my heart that ive not been able to. .

i am more than willing to give my name to him. . and i would be more than happy than that he go and complain. . i did nothing wrong, i played my part and he's not satisfied, there's nothing i can complain. . .
sorry uncle, you messed with the wrong guy. . im leaving soon and i've got no fear of whatever shit complain you gonna put in. .

what kinda customer is that. .?

he called in, enquiring on changing his box from analog to digital. . i've told him to go our cscs, which were located in town areas and one at tm, but this fella live in the north, asked me if he can change in the partner stalls stated in the letter. . i said they may not have the stocks, and actually asked me to call and check up with the stalls for him. . i wasnt supposed to and replied that i can only give him the no., he have to check himself. .
bastard. . he suddenly threw into a fit of anger and said what kinda stupid service im providing and insisted i check it out for him. .
i kinda relented at first, made a call to the partner stall at causeway point and was told they wasnt stock. .
i returned the call and explained the finding, not even a word of thank you, he blamed me for unable to enquire on when the stock will be coming in and even demanded for me to call again and get him back. .
im determined not to get bullied by him this time round. . anyway i don't have to. . he wanted to play rough, i will see who's tougher. . i make it known to him that it is not part of my job and listen to see what he intend to do. . as expected, he just go round and round scolding, saying what kinda stupid service im providing. . and wanted to speak to my manager. .
i wasnt too stupid after all. . i told him to give me his name and ic so that i can make the arrangement. . hilariously, he didnt want to. . he said who am i to ask him for his ic. . i said i need to retrieve the account for him in order to make the arrangement. . he didnt take it, he said he had left his name and contact no, but i told that wasnt enough. .
we played patient this time, i insisted on my request for his ic and let him scold as much as he want. .
finally, he asked for my name. . i gladly told him. . i even told him that if he want to complain he can go ahead, i cant stop him, but ive did my job. . he hanged up, he told me to wait for his complain letter. .

i will wait. . better reach me before i leave. . better if i know who the hell he is. . creep. .

other people don't make noise about changing the box only him. . and i seriously hate those people who give those kinda pissed off tone when they are actually asking people to do things for them. .

with this case, and another few i've earlier on. . it's definitely a hell of a day. . these customers simply disgusting. . yucks!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

My first resignation letter. . . pending tendering. .

24 Jan 2008

Name: Keith Chen Zhicai
Department: Starhub Cable Billing
Title: Customer Care Consultant
Subject: Resignation

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I would like to officially resign from my current position after my 3 months contract ends on 11/2/2008. I have been looking for a change of environment in order to gain more experience in this limited time I have before going back to my studies.

My last day of work will be on 11/2/2008, please advice if there is any arrangement needed to hand over my duties.

The experience that I have in the company has been very rewarding, especially to be under the charge of two competent team leaders that I’m with, Alvin and Mathew. It’s my great pleasure to be working with them and I wish them and the company all the best in the future endeavors.

Keith Chen

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

I rode down the street of hougang avenue 8. It was an unusual course of route i would take to go back home normally, preferably exiting cte via ang mo kio avenue 5 and get home via the ang mo kio industrial route. . I was up to something different today, since i've an little more time today. .

Halfway past afternoon, it was quite a hot hour for students returning home from school. .
The street was one where my secondary and primary school is located. .
and there, as i rode past, capturing the scene of students roaming up and down the street, i could suddenly feel one thing on my mind. . that im getting old. .

the scenes of walking down the block of flats for lunch with kingsley, chee yong and aik wei after school. . was like only yesterday. .

i took a second to stare back into the scene of the past as i stop on the traffic junction, and quickly came back to the reality as the light turns green. .
i took a quick look at myself, in a ragged white giordano polo tee and jeans. . what am i consider now. . a working adult. .?

It's pretty ridiculous actually. .

Back then, i thought of how great it is to grow up. . earn some money, get the things i want, life will be happy this way. . well, with the pocket money im having then, it was hardly enough for a 'luxurious' life im looking for. .

now, it's more like i look back and the past seems happier. . we have fun, joy and laughters in school. . working life sucks. . especially with this present situation where im not making too many friends. . it's hard, the job itself just sometimes requires too much of my energy that i hardly find the strength to do anything else. .

alright. . im quitting. . will be getting my resignation processed and tendered. . 11 feb, that's the last day of the contract and that's the last day i will be in the job. .

so anyway. . im back home kinda earlier than usual. . it was supposed to be my off day. . and there to work for 6 hours OT just to fulfil another combo. . the last one if nothing goes wrong. .
im drenched of my energy. . really tired. .

alright. . people can start recommending job right now. . im looking for a chill one. . no more burn of weekend. . ! needa break. . .

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

finally. . got a day off. . it seems so short. .

i returned home yesterday night. . feeling really tired. . with a minor headache knocking over my head. . as usual. . over some horrible cases that i had to handle. . shall not go into further elaboration, it will only freak me out more on the job. .

what i did today so far. .

- in the morning i went for court soccer. . it has been really some time since i last played. . with my kinda rusty skills, i went into the games, made a mess out of them, came out feeling totally displeased with my performances but have to force myself to swallow all these because i have to rush to attend my volunteer activities. .

- took a cab down to national library. . the traffic was horrendous. . i would be much happier that im riding a bike seeing those kinda situation. . was held in the jam for more than 1/2 of the journey. . my bike would have easily cut through the traffic and reach the destination 15 minutes earlier. .
anyway. . they have some outing to national library. . had started at 9.30am and because i cant part with my soccer game so i told them that i will join them late. .
by the time i reached they were more or less done and im more like going to meet up the kids for lunch. . but they were good companies of course. .

- it ended around 3pm and im back at home to slack. . expecting a message from my buddies to ask me out for a drink. . till now there wasnt any news. . i guess i will be spending the rest of the day watching television and playing games. .
and well, i managed to catch this old channel 8 drama just now. . jia ren you yue. . pretty long ago. . i thought this is one of the best local drama i've watched in my life. . it's damn touching show. . and im purely fortunate to catch the last two episode. . the most touching parts of the drama. .

after today. . it will be another two week for another off day like this again. . will chiong work again. . 11 feb will be soon. . i must endure to earn enough before that. .
but. . i cant help sighing. . it's damn sian. .

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i've got a headache midway through my work. . horrible people. . do you know that im cursing and swearing at you in my heart. .

i've received enough disputes these few days and i don't know why, im getting quite fed up with all these. .

some people are obviously not doing their job some where and we, on the frontline of customer service hotline are basically getting all the shit because of them. . that was why i said this job is not for the long term. . at least not for me. . i've got enough from customers, from the screwed up system from the company. .

how many times have i thought of blowing up and throw the four letter words on them. . countless. . how many times have customers screwed me out of things that were not caused by me. . countless. . how many times have i needa pretend to be a bloody retard, enduring whatever nonsense customers are giving. .

today i've got one case, that extremely pissed me off. . all the while that i thought she's nice, that she appreciated all the help i've given to her. . i even use my own mobile to call up another department to check for the details she needs. . and what the hell. . when i gave her a call back with the informations ive got, she actually gave me a piece of her mind. . she claim that i wasn't able to provide her with any help at all, and made it sounded like im the cause of everything, that i havent been helpful towards her from the start. . what worse was that she request for my superior, some one who can make decision to speak to her. .
ingrateful woman. . all the while i've been doing things nicely for her. . if she wants to blame then should blame on her own stupidity to sign up with the sub contractor. .
fair enough that she don't appreciate what i've done for her so far, she's making things more difficult for me by requesting for my superior to speak to her. . given the workload that mathew is having, and the uninterested attitude the rest of the tls are giving, i forsee this arrangement is gonna give me more problem. .

but whatever the case, im just gonna heck this case for as long as i can. . she can go ahead and complain me if she wants. . i hate the tone she has given, that obviously that ive tried to help her in one way or another, she only knows how blame me for not able to solve the problem. .

damn sian. .
there just some creeps out there who can just call up and make your day turn bad. . in this line, one day you will not see only one, but tons of them when it is really a bad day. .

sorry about that. . a bad day at work. . i just feel like destressing. .

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Monday, January 14, 2008

finally the end of the week. . .

intended to take an mc on saturday. . . but the struck the plan off my mind at the last minute. . i found that if i do so, all the OTs that i've done for the week will go down to drain. .
so that's how i go, enduring till now, with that discomfort on my throat. .
im feeling better right now of course, but is still preventing myself from taking sweet and fried stuffs. . sometimes the temptation too hard to bear, and i will just heck care and consume them. .

working is as sian as usual. . and i do appear really sian sometimes at work. . so i guess pretty much of the time im a turn off to a lot people. . i forsee i still have a long way to learn in improving my inter-personal skill, as i can see that i aint making too many friends with the kinda attitude im giving, as well as the kinda screw ups im making. .
but through this job i realised another thing. . that our working environment is a lot like what was depicted in the movie, just follow law, where they tried to shoot arrows to one another. .

caught in the rain while on journey back after work for these two consecutive days. . not sure whether it was pure unlucky or what. . riding in the rain wasnt anything fun. . it feels like winter when the cold rain dropped onto your skin, sending shivers through the spine. . i was like shivering throughout the entire journey. . the windbreaker i was wearing didn't seem to be able to break the wind at all, virtually didnt help in keeping me anywhere warmer. . . or perhaps, the cold was too intense. .

stop here. . needa sleep badly. .

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

there are some reasons why i don't like this job. .

it sometimes reflect very lowly on yourself when you have to put on a brave front and accept whatever nonsense customer gives. .
it's sometimes pretty agonising when you feel like throwing out all the four letter words inside your heart but have to control it because the person over the phone can break your rice bowl. .

two disputes i handle towards the end of the day can make it real bad. .
coincidentally, both are smart asses, or maybe just 'smart asses' sound alike. .

the first. . an encounter with a doctor. . he first question he had for me, has the mol premium been 12mbps all the way. . i thought it was a yes answer, since they werent any update of an upgrade that i have known of. .
of course i did found out later that it wasnt. . but too late, this fella simply don't give you any chance to take back your words. .
every opportunity he will take that to penalise on the words i had said and of course, to backup his request for us to compensate him whatsoever. .
what kinda stingy doctor is this. .
but anyway, i have to admit he is too smart for me. . he's a damn crafty fella who will capitalise on every little mistake you made to his own advantage, im not senior enough to deal with such creep. .
i wouldnt needa give a damn to whatever he's gonna do, complain so whatsoever, this is not like gonna be my career. .

incident number 2. . he's a nicer fella. . but i stand it when he dispute over the adjustment that i had made for him. . he claims that i have adjusted the sum back to him wrongly. .
what's worse was that he implied that i cant deal with calculations. . i seriously got the urge to tell him that i got an A for A level math. .
it's more like he's the one who cant do calculations. . all the while i've tried explaining to him and he was rebuking me all the way. . and whatever he was meaning, i don't get a point at all. . insisting that he is right and i am wrong. .
whatever. . he is the customer, i got no way to win this argument. . i guess he must be thinking im some bloody btc over the line, and he made it all sounds so nice when he said he want to educate me regarding this matter. .

horrible day. . i still got a rejected jv giving me a big headache. . $9 per hour. . not so easy to earn. . !

my throat still isnt getting anywhere better. . think will needa consult a doctor if still persist tomorrow. . i've got it planned. . consult a doctor, get an mc for saturday and i can play soccer and see my kids. . wouldnt it be nice. . ?

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Feeling tired, depressed or devastated. .? what about some laugh. .

hey guys i can tell you the previous incident was really intentional. . im not gonna change the typo or whatsoever you gonna call it. . it's INTENTIONAL!! well. . don't you think it's just funny. .? im not laughing at it though. .

you know somehow or rather i just remembered it as anita sui. . perhaps it's because it's kinda sounds alike or spelled alike to anita mui. .
but ridiculous. . i purchased the perfume without knowing what the hell it's called. .
hope till this point no one know im eating my words. .

alright we can have another laugh. .

isnt that just so adorable. .? i chose it. .! chee yong wanted doraemon, she thinks zinc has a big mouth. . im not so mean. . i thought zinc will like hello kitty. . anyway most girls like hello kitty, i remember liyun like hello kitty too? of course there are people who are exception, i remember ellyn likes doraemon. .?
alright im drifting away from the subject. . and well, i too managed to come out with another reason to convince how come i chose the kitty. .
realised that kitty has no mouth. . zinc can well be like the kitty, no mouth rather than a mouth as big as doraemon. . this world we will feel more peaceful. .
okie. . you know im just kidding. .

jokes over. . im blogging all these down with a lot of discomfort in my throat. . im kinda sick. . i feel it. . those kinda sickly feeling. . not sure whether if i really have a fever or what, but definitely not feeling too good. . i took 2 panadol and went to sleep yesterday night, it didn't seem to get any better this morning. . i spewed out some phlegm, and to my horror, one was red. . !
nevertheless, i still went to work as usual. .
but if the day didn't go bad enough. . i was late for work. . that damned bike giving
me problems. . couldn't start as i havent ride for two days and the engine was cold. . had to get my brother down to help me with a manual start. .

when it was finally done. . i rushed down to work. . and i could feel that i've been a really hell rider today. . even when riding back at home. . cutting through the traffic like a stuntman on those action pact movies. .
had sorta got the kick to do this. . i've got the guts after doing it once. .

so. . i've endured through this tiring day on work. . i can say i don't feel well every second i was on the phone today. . talking with this kinda throat condition isnt comfortable at all. . but. . still endurable. . for money sake. .
i will know to take care of my health too. . drinking like plenty of water now. . hope it helps. . i ate an apple too. . hope it helps to keep the doctor away. . !

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

here it goes. .

spring cleaning. . ? no. . ! this is in response to liyun's one. . ! taken from my pathetic 2.0 megapixel sony ericisson phone. . quality doesnt matter. . evidence more crucial. .
green house all the way. . haha. . .
im kinda fated to be in green house. . green house in xps. . kipling in bowen. . pegasus in srjc. . all green. .!! green's my lucky colour. . but not my favourite. .
i love black. . and white. . . the combination of these two. . but not gray. .

alright. . zinc's birthday is today. . !!
met her up with chee yong just now. . had a half fulfilling dinner in swenson. . . i called it junk food. .
anyway. . we bought her a hello kitty cake. .! should have got a photo of that placed here. . it's damn funny. . the cake shop assistant was like giggling all the way when we made the purchase. . they must be thinking, what the heck two grown up fella getting such a gay cake. . anyway. . we ran out of choices, there simply wasnt any other shop there that offers cake of that kinda size - small yet not too small. .
anyway. . hello kitty is cute isnt it. . i thought zinc will like it, good for some laugh if not. .
okie. . . had got a perfume for her. . i realised yesterday how difficult was it to choose a good present for the opposite sex. . choosing a perfume itself i took about 30 minutes to make the choice. . i wasnt even intend to buy a perfume at the first place. . too bad i didnt have the time nor the right person to accompany me for the job. .
nevertheless. . an anita sui perfume. . the shop assistant recommended to me. . i thought the design of the bottle itself look kinda orbiang. . (old fashion). . the smell itself was acceptable. . but the sales girl told me girl generally wouldnt think that way. .
well. . i have every reason to trust her words. . i do understand for now girls and guys see things differently. . so well. . i took her words and bought it. .

okie. . one more person had joined me for 21st. . r21 here we go. . ? haha. .!

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Monday, January 07, 2008

I want to. . i want to play soccer on saturday. . i want to go for volunteer work and see my bunch of kids on saturday. . i wanna organise activities for them. . i wanna give tuition to my students. .
i do miss life in ns. . not the weekdays. . but weekends i got to do these things. . not like now. .

I got my payslip just now. . and i felt like screaming when i saw it. . what the heck. . 400 over bucks deducted for cpf. . ridiculously funny. . slogged so hard for money and ended up getting deducted so much for money you cant even feel or touch now. .
The pay wasn't up to my expectation. . im kinda greedy, i thought i could have got more with the kinda hours i was working last month. .
Looks like i gonna have to work harder so that i can get a heavier payroll next month. . Chiong. . !! Last month to go, after that won't be easy to find such good money again. .

Money's good. . but the work is shit. . i know a lot of people will stare with envy with this kinda money im getting. . but be rational and think of it, where got such good deal in this world where they give you easy job and good pay. . if the job really so good then won't have people who rather pay the compensation of $1000 than to finish their 3 or 6months contract. .
i will give a detail conclusion of the job once i've finished my last day there. .

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Today, 3 Jan 2008. . . Im 21. . My birthday. .

No more celebration. . for well. . i have spent 8.5 hours working. . 1 hour on lunch. 2 hours on travelling. . 10 hours on sleep. . left with 3.5 hours. . im using about 0.5 hour to blog this. . 3 hours more. . spent on shower, dinner, breakfast and dazing. .
That's how i spent my birthday. .

Back to work after the chalet, the feeling. . pretty horrendous. . sianz. . money money money. . how i wish im rich. . the thought of having to survive this entire week without any more break. . demoralising. .

Photographs out from liyun and wan teng. . not gonna post any here. . don't look really nice i thought. . better not stain this blog with my ugly photos. .
so well, don't blame me for no pictures. . it will look nicer this way. .

anyway anyway. . this 21st birthday. . a happy one. . thanks everyone who had sent me their birthday greeting. . appreciate them. .

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Im quite deprived of sleep right now. . really sleepy, i could just close my eyes and fall right into dream anytime. . nevertheless, i just wanna blog this down. .

How should i go about starting. . .

Seriously do not know how to go about putting down everything in words. . happiness to me just isnt something that can easily be described with words. .

Date : 31 Dec 07
Time : 7pm - 10pm
Venue : Downtown East Costa Sand, Room C1323.
Event : 21st Birthday Celebration


I wanna say that im really happy today. . with the presence of everyone. . im not sure whether if i have played well as a host to make this an enjoyable. . but one thing was for sure, you guys were definitely awesome groups of people. .
I've got so many people to thank for making this event a possible one. .

first of all is of course my group of buddies. . sen rong, willy, wei kian, roy, jia liang and zhen wei. . they had played a key role in organising this little celebration for them. . without them, everything would not have been in place. .

then, my class, 2s13. . i guess they are the group where i have had to least worry of not being entertained. . because we just have some remarkable people in there like zixiang who will always help me do the job. . you people are truly terrific, your cheers and laughters had always been something i have missed since graduated from jc. .

ziying, cheeyong, valerie, wan teng and her boyfriend. . i guess i don't have to mention much about them. . they simply behave as normal. . haha!! in case they scold me, i have to explain further what i meant by that. . wan teng and zinc as pretty as ever, cheeyong as macho as ever, valerie as cute as ever. . only one thing is that zinc kept suaning me through the event, made me so embarrassed sometimes. . im getting angry soon. . haha!
it's always great fun with them. . vale might want to consider joining us for k box gathering, where you see girls turning the room outside down with their 'beautiful screams'. .

my odac peeps. . a great dismay that our big boss, pei yun didn't join us. . but luckily, there is still our vp Jerry, AO Zhiming, fellow logistic IC lta Pow, treasurer sally, all time enthusiast Jia Guang with us. . they shocked me with a mini hi-fi cd player. . but it is certainly one of the best present i've received in my life. . really look forward to catch up with them. . surf and sweat 2008, we will see you there. .

spike platoon. . jerome, joey, see yong and yu ngai. . wanted all the drivers to come actually, i remembered the shit we went through with all the servicings. . too bad, attendance itself wasnt too good. . i have to apologise that i havent managed to keep them too well entertained, perhaps i should have invited more from platoon. . anyway, see yong and yu ngai have been really steady to stay till the cake cutting was over. . jerome and joey kind enough to still come over at the mist of their busy timetable. .

clement, chun ji, chuan ming and yanjia. . they have been really nice to have turn up. . clement rush down here after booking out from ocs, chun ji actually squeeze time off to turn up before sending her mum to the airport. . and chuan ming and yanjia came all the way from their sentosa chalet to join us. . my great saturday court soccer mates and odac secretary, thanks for all these. .

PS. special to mention liyun for being the camera woman of the day. . thanks!!

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