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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Fancy some stranger who call you out of the blue moon and told you that you have won a 45 days around the world tour package. .?
It's just a one person ticket so naturally you prefer something else rather than travelling alone. . so what about converting into 48k cash instead. . ? The tour itself is worth 60k, it will sounds more reasonable that the conversion to cash is less than what the prize is worth. .
Doesn't sounds real. . see it and you will believe it. .
Here, refer you to, and you see your name with your handphone no in the second prize list. . .

Fancy such a good deal now?? Well well, that's not all. . well, it's a hong kong company based in china, so well, there's some procedure required in order for the premiums to be sent to you.
Because you selected to take the cash, under some mainland law which you never seem to be able to understand because of the way she spoke, in thick chinese accent. . For this it will require the service of a lawyer to sort out the legal matters. . All these they will need you to transfer $3600 over to get the necessary procedures ironed out. . Out of the $3600, only $400 is for the legal fee, the remaining amount is needed for some reason, which again, you never understand. . It was claimed that it will be refunded once transaction of the premium to you is done later. .

Of course, this company is a compassionate and understanding one. . They know that for your age, still a young boy, a student, $3600 seems too much for you. . . $600 should be fine? The company will fork out the $3000 for you. . all you needa do is to transfer $600 over. . $600 for $48k, attractive enough. . ?

Simply find a money changer that offer remittance service. . Get the $600 remitted to this person call 'xia da' under a china long ye bank account and the 48k will be transferred to you before the end of office hour. .

Too good to be true. . It's as good as a bag of money dropping in front of you halfway while your walking . .

Who wants. .??


all the while news, newspaper has been reporting about such incidents, but is it so easy to resist such temptation when it actually happens to you. . 48k. . think about what you can do with that. . we will talking about using that to finance a car yesterday night. . A honda civic worth 55k, we pay the 48k and then pay the rest of 7k in 10 years installment. . that will be less than 100 bucks per month. . can you imagine that the bill for your car is less than even your handphone bill. . ?
Such a large sum of money. . what's more you just remit $600 to them. . who the heck will wanna just con $600 out of you. .

It was too convincing initially. . the person sounded firm and there was even prove from the website. . they had also specially chosen a name that many of us find it familiar. . cathay pacific tour agency. . rings a bell. .?

Not until the verge of remittance when the truth came to light. . a lady was stuck in similar scam earlier, remitting $3600 to the same person. . as the person over at the money remittance center warned. .
police was there and investigating the issue. .

So again. . . be careful when encountering such incident when the deal sounds too good to be true. .

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

You can sense that im really reluctant to leave. . and really. . im very keen to be staying. .
Today is the third day, the last day that im gonna be reliefing mrs carmen tan. . lessons ended pretty early, 11.30am was my last, as one of the form teacher actually offered to take over the relief for supposedly my next class, 3e2. .

I slowly packed the things, got all the materials and things done so far sorted out on her table. . it was only right to do. . because even if i stay, definitely i won't be reliefing her again. . and deep in my mind, i hoping that someone do ask me to come again tomorrow for relief, any kind. .
So, as i got all things done, i approached mrs sundram, i asked her how is the relief teaching things going. . it wasnt any good new. . she said that they are still getting certain things sorted out, especially the paying issue, although the principal had verbally approved. . this itself was ok, but she said that even when everything is approved, it will only start in term 2, and that will be somewhere in 17 or 18 of march. .
Can i wait that long. . even if i can, i don't think i will wait. . i cant be prepared to sit without an income till then, it will be too taxing on my bank account and all my plans for holidays, laptop will be put on hold. .
The next thing that she told me was the job, when offered, is basically acting as teacher aides for the secondary 4 express and 5 normal academics. . we will actually be helping those weaker students prepare for their O levels. .
i will see it as a challenge then, and in a way im quite worried about my ability to handle them. .

I've been a pretty nice guy so far. . i dont scold them, i close an eye on a lot of things during class. . they can change to PE tee, tuck out their shirt, do other works for all they like, i simply close one eye. . as long as the they don't get too out of control, as in the noise level gets too overbearing and affect other classes, i don't interfere generally. .
There's no point in going to clashes with the students. . especially when i just gonna be reliefing for a few days, you don't know them, you don't have the experience of handling them, you most likely screwed up than getting the issue fixed. .

So anyway, im more keen to interact and make friends with the kids than giving a black face and pissing them off. . there are some classes where i can go in there and mingle with them, and some classes where i go in, i walked around and around, waiting for them to get settled down so i can start. . students can read message from a teacher's face and actions. . there's one class today. 4e5, i was quite appalled that the monitor actually did got the class to settle down somehow or rather. .

What i discovered about bowenians after these 3 days. . The impression for the e5 and e6 classes is that some of them are quite talented. . i see them doing their drawings for arts and i can see that. . they may not be a keen learner for other subjects but when it comes to arts, they could really do it quite well. .
For the e1 and e2 classes. . as usual, some hardworking lots, mostly the girls though. . then a few intelligent ones, mostly the guys though. . typical of any top classes in any neighbourhood schools. .
but one thing. . bowenians generally give me an impressions that they are still childish and naive. . I won't talk about the lower sec since all the classes i've been are upper secondary. . i talked to a few of them, most of them in e5 and e6, i asked them whether they like social studies or not, they all said no. . then i asked them o level how, they told me they don't care if it flunged, one guy even said he will just score full marks for his geography. .
I can just conclude that many of them do not have a picture of the future in their mind, they don't see the consequences of failing their o levels. . and that maybe why the school cant really do well. .
of course, in every case there are exceptions. . i went to 4e1 yesterday and a few were talking to me about junior college and even universities. . a few good signs. .

alright. . i wished to go back soon. . but if times do not permit, then i have to seek other options. .

teaching is not about money. . is about the passion to do well, to see the student you taught doing well, to see that he/she respect you as a teacher. . that is a success. .

it's not an easy job definitely. . because teaching is not only about teaching, you needa get the fundamental of getting the students to sit down and listen to you, you needa pay attention to every single one in the class, you needa know how to deal with delinquent students. .

i guess i've know that my greatest weakness now lies with my pronunciation and articulation of english. . As the chinese saying goes. . Pi Duan Yang Chang. . Do what you are best at and tried to hide your weaknesses. . Better stick to maths and science subject where there's no need for so much reading and lecturing to be involved. .

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stumbled and fumbled and then mumbled. .

I couldn't recall too well whether this did happen, must definitely for the first lesson, i was extremely nervous. .

perhaps at a certain point of time i did committed such disgraces. . but it was perhaps that i managed to get a grip of myself eventually. .
I could understand the pain of my teachers right now. . Command and control in a class is never as easy as it seems. . especially if you come across naughty students like you and i once were. . .
i must be staring at pictures of the past, on how playful we were and how the teachers tried in vain to get things done for us when i was in the classroom. .

I went into my first lesson, and did the simplest of all things. . If you do not have a clue, don't try to punk with them. .
I got them to fill up some worksheets, go through some answers and that's it. . I let them attend the washroom as they like and even managed to accede to their request for an early release for recess. . Relax style. . that's when you still have no clue on how to deal with them. .
my second lesson of the day is 3e1. . A class. . so i try to punk a bit. . besides getting them to fill up worksheet, somehow i came up with a Q and A session. . It was kinda weird initially, well i never conduct one before, they are my guinea pigs. . maybe in the end it's kinda better. .
For these two lessons, i opted for a lower risk approach by adopting a more relax style kinda way to go about dealing with them, that's at the expense of time. . where i didnt manage to get all the work that im assigned to ask them to do done. .

The last lesson that i reliefed. . it's a physics lesson for one of the teacher. . They gave me a first in my teaching experience. . Someone actually tried to throw a paper ball while i was writing things on the board. .
Turned around extremely pissed, i demanded to know who was the culprit. . that guy admitted. . but at least he don't seem like he was meant to provoke me. . so i just let the matter past. .
i've been nice as usual. . i didnt demand good discipline, they can change to PE tee, pull up their pant, eat sweets for all they like in the class, i didnt pick all these. .
students don't appreciate you for being nice i just discovered. .

just wait till i find out how to deal with them. .

i havent eaten anything for the entire day in the school at all. . i've got no time. . administration stuffs to settle, rushed back home and to school again just to collect the certificates for them. . it's amazing how you can forget hunger when your busy. .
well. . it's passion. .
it's great to be back. . and being back as an entirely different feeling from as a student. .

another day, another experience.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

I've got a nice black hair right now. . want to see. . ?

Tomorrow. . i really do not know what's gonna happen. . im so afraid that screw up. .

It's gonna be my first time doing relief teaching. . ms loh called me just now, asking whether if i can take over mrs carmen tan for english and combined humanities for the next 3 days. . because irfan is downed with a chicken pox. .

Im really excited. . yet im worried. . should i screw up, i guess they wouldnt consider me joining them back for science and maths. . I MUST DO IT. .
My english got a c6 for 'o' levels, that itself hasnt gave me any confident in teaching the subject. .
nevertheless, i doubt i will needa go into any teaching, just needa command and control i guess. . sounds easy. . i have got experience that it will be a hell lots difficult task to do it. .

anyway. . TRY TRY TRY. . i hope i can do it. .

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Im so look forward to it. . so excited. . i wanna do relief teaching. . !!

We met out with Ms loh just couple of moments ago, had lotsa catching up with her. . One thing why i would gladly turn up whenever there's any meeting with her is that she still remembers me, a student of hers used to be. . i guess few teachers have the kinda good memories like she has, remembering every single one in our class, even though it has been like. . 4 years?

Im especially grateful of course, im like no more than a fringe student in the class, neither especially outstanding nor especially prominent. . it was definitely not easy task given the no. of students she will have over the years. .

Anyway, it was some good catching up moments. . We talked about the good old secondary days, where we were still pretty havoc bunch of people. . not me exactly but the whole class definitely. . may be we are even part of the bowen history book, for being one of the most mischievious A class. .

And we spoke to her about the possibilities of some of us doing relief teachings in school. . She actually agreed to help us with the applications and in fact, they are do encouraging ex-student to go back to help out. .
Great news, i can help waiting for me to step back into the school again. . i've even went online to check out my moe relief teaching application status. . it's been approved. .!!

so so. . mr chen. . hopefully be able to cling the position soon. . !!

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've lost for the second consecutive day in mahjong. . pretty unlucky huh. . or maybe, i'm still quite a novice in this game. .

haiz. . out of a job, still losing money in mahjong. . pathetic. .

still in a desperate search for a job that pay me more than 6.5 an hour, give me 5 days week and non call center environment. . im pretty pissed because aloysius went out of starhub the same day as me but had already landed a job that pays him 7.5 an hour. .
seems that not only have i no luck in mahjong, no luck in my job search too. .
that recruit express offer still cling tightly in my mind, i cant make up my mind. . on one hand im really want to take up the job, as i see the available options that i have running out. . on the other hand i wanted to wait for something that pays me more. .

i could see why am i having some problem in getting a well salaried job. . in recruit express itself i saw it. . so many guys from my battalion there. . i don't know them but their faces are unmistakable. . men of the 42 SAR. . with so many of us filling the streets, it's no wander that you need luck to get one. .

anyway. . occasionally i do have the thoughts that i can just relax and slack first. . but for most of the time i can say that i cant convince myself in the mind to enjoy slacking without worrying about my bank balance. . i realised i still have lotsa things to buy and to pay for. . no income. . how can. . at this stage i wouldnt be able to revert to the poor student life anymore. .

arghh. . i really craze for some soccer. . why is it everytime when im free and most looking forward to play that they say they cant make it. . damn. .
im really weak right now. . without exercising for so long, im even too lazy to go for a run during these few slack days. .

the surf and sweat results are out. . better not to know. . it's agonising that they had compiled a list of the ranking of all the participants. . im not the last. . but among the friends who went, im the last. .
IPPT gold, 2.4km 9.10minutes. . please don't laugh when i reveal these here. .

Give me time, i will get my gold back. . !!

new year resolution no.1 - IPPT GOLD ..

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So. .

out of a job now. . i need a job. . .

im just not used to idling around. . plan to start work as early as next monday if i can find a job. .

i went to recruit express for an interview earlier in the afternoon. . mathew, the pioneer specialist was there. . working as one of the consultant. .
i was offered a position there, as one of them, as his colleague. . i was tempted to accept. .
the job scope. . matching job, sending resume, arranging interviews. . daily quota of at least 2 successful job match. . i could sense it's a stressful environment. . and they are paying like $6 per hour, from 8.30am to 6pm. .
the worst part was that wanted me the cut my hair short and dye my hair black. . .
and once i joined, im expected to stay till university start, if not early termination charge applies. .

im hesitant to accept then. . not prepared to make the same kinda mistake as last time. . called my sis and seeked her opinion, her answer is a no to the offer. .

i guess i don't have to think anymore, the only worry i have is the inability to find a job in time for monday. .

so anybody any job to recommend. . tuition, admin or anything. . .

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Ended my last day of work in starhub. . . 11 feb. . .

I should be delighted. . because i know now that i will have back my weekends. . but did i know that im out of a job, out of an income right now. .

Come to think of it, i wouldnt have mind staying on if wasnt that i have to commit myself to rotating shift and have my weekends burned. . at least for this i have already learned the trade and would not have to go through the hussle of learning everything all over again in a new environment. .

but anyway. . it's officially history. .
back to reflect on what i have learned through it. .

Let me just start by stating that im especially grateful for the two team leader i've been under. . mathew and alvin. . both of them have been really nice and patient towards me, i guess my life would have been more miserable if it wasnt them who is in charge. .
then there some nice people i came to meet as my colleagues. . hafiz being the one who came to sat beside me, talked lotsa cock together and it made work a lot better. . not forgetting audrey, wei yen, kenneth and terence in the team as well as the likes of other like vanessa, li juan, aloysius, swee kuan who left the job together with me. .

i remembered the first few weeks of taking up calls. . graduated from a crash course that taught me nothing at all. . i was like putting customers on hold every once in a while and walking down the aisle to seek help from mathew. . i learned them the hard way, getting scolded by customers was a norm. . making screw ups here and there and then criticised by colleagues for the mistakes. .
It became better slightly towards the middle of the 3 months contract. . but as you became better, you picked up more calls and you became more subjected to disputes, and calls from abusive customers. . one call like this your day became a hell lot worse. .

i guess even though it has been some not that pleasant experience, i do feel that i have do pick up something. . im just unable to describe but it do change me in a way as a person. .

my first full time job. . end 11 feb 2008. .
anticipating the next one. .

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

I had just came back from surf and sweat. . . Damn tired. .

Woke up in early in the morning, had the thought of just don't go for the thing, i just wished to have more sleep on this sunday morning. .
but well, somehow or rather. . i managed to pull myself out of the comfortable bed and make all the way to sentosa for this event. .

it was my first time riding to sentosa, and i was really having some difficulties finding my way there. . but somehow or rather again, i managed to get there. . outside the entrance. . it was already about 7.40am then, and i thought i was gonna be late. .
what happened next was, the person at the counter said bike won't allow to go in. . discrimination. . anyway, i realised i got no other option but to make a u turn and head towards harbourfront, got my bike park there and take a bus in. . i thought im doomed, for the stated reporting time was 7.48am for my event. .
as i queued up to board the bus, i suddenly found out that i had to purchase a ticket first. . i got out of the queue, quickly bought the ticket and join back at the back of the queue, i thought i will have miss out the bus. . somehow i was allowed to squeeze in as the last guy. .
finally reached the destination, i was having to make a quick walk from the bus station to the event. . quick walk but it was a long distant. .
at last, i did reach the place and guess what, it was just in time for all the registration and briefing just before the event kicks off. .

and so. . how it went. . i had discovered i have a forte at surfing. . i came up first. . and then running. . perhaps im getting old, totally cant make it at all. . damn slow, i wouldnt dare to look at the timing. . surely below average. . that's the result of what you become after ord, when you do not have the time and energy to keep the fitness up. .

alright. . regarding yesterday. . i really felt sorry tbat i didnt turn up for pow's farewell's party. . not that i didnt want to go, was trying hard to make it. . just that well, was held up by the volunteer thing earlier in the evening where i could only managed to leave after 8 plus. . they had some debriefing session for the camp we had and esther told me that im required to stay. . no choice. . took a cab down after that and only reached on around 9pm even so. . by the time i was about to leave it was already 10pm and i supposed by the time i go down, everybody would have left. .
anyway, hope to have a meeting together with our odac guys for a drink or two before 17. . it will be on me. . 1 bottle. . okie. .

it was pretty much a hectic saturday. . not that i wouldnt need to work, but that i had called up to tell them that im on 'mc'. . in actual fact i didnt get anything. . i cant be bothered about it already. . just a couple more days to my last day of work, and im really determined to get this day off also after 2 consecutive weeks of working schedule. . no leave for temp, so i claim my own 'medical leave'. .

i was expecting myself to turn up for all three events i had for the day. . namely, the hips volunteer programme, angela's birthday and pow's farewell party. .
time constraint came in as the events didnt go as i had expected. .

in any case, at least i managed to turn up at angela's birthday. .
me, liyun and kelvin goh were there. . oh and not forgetting liyun's good friend, dennis. . thanks to him we managed to hitch a ride back to hougang on a van. .
angela was pretty gorgeous for the night. . birthday girls always look exceptionally pretty on their night. . so anyway, we have got some photographs taken, hopefully if i think they are nice then i may consider posting them here. .
anyway anyway. . appreciate her invitation, hope she has had a wonderful night. . happy birthday to her. . now she joins my rank of 21. .

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