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Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally done applying for SMU, NTU and NUS. . That's all the university that i can apply i supposed. . aside that uniSIM of course. .

I invested $15+$10+$10. . hopefully i can get something out of it. . i need a switch of course. .
if. . i mean touch wood, that it happens that i don't get a single choice out of all these, then i will have to curse my luck and suck my thumb to accept this architecture course that i have been given. .
It's still quite possibly this could happen. . given now the situation, the most optimistic one that i can think of is that SMU offer me its economics course. . If that don't even happen, the worst is most likely inevitable. .
If NUS and NTU offer me, i don't even wish for a direct offer, i will be happy enough if they give me an interview, then it will most ideal. . or i should call it, a 'bonus'. .
I will call it a 'miracle' if NTU offer me it's accountancy, or Maths and Econs course. .
Just wait and see. . .

Alright. . Monday. . The start of the third week of my 'career' in bowen. . Mondays always look so blue to me. . I have lessons until 3pm and cover relief duties here and there. . It was rather hectic until 2.30pm. . looks to gonna be worse but the last class which i was supposed to cover a remedial class for 5A2 didnt turn up. . probably thinking that it has been called off since mrs sundram's not around. . gave me an early 30 minutes dismissal. . well, it don't make too much of a difference eventually, i still stayed back to do some work and left around 3.15pm. .
Well. . i have still yet to discover if i can be a teacher. . someone like me, crude looking, crude language, crude personality. . your impression of a teacher always almost the opposite. .
I can be frank to tell that till now i still haven't truly execute the job of a teacher. . I can afford to make friends with the pupils, talk to them like a pal because im not exactly a teacher. . I like it this way because it's good feeling to be able to mix with students and revive some of the good old school days. . I preferred to see myself as their senior, a mentor. . Im just like 5 years older than them. .
There's a different between azhar and me. . Azhar always been a discipline person, a nice boy in school. . If you know me you know im nothing of that sort. . It directly affects how you treat your student. . pupil like me seldom become educators, pupil like him are born educator. .
He go for discipline, more command and control. . for my case, discipline leave it to discipline teachers, just ensure they don't get overboard and control wise, i don't seek to be an authoritarian. .
It may sounds in a way that im not serious or dedicated to my job. . but i know myself best if i am. .
One more thing to add. . that azhar is performing the duty of a teacher, im not. . so the key thing is that till now, i don't need to instil an air of authority in front of the student. .
Perhaps when i decided to be a teacher in future, i will come back to bowen, and then i will start to bear a resemblance of azhar's style. . discipline and obedience from the pupils. . only then can results be produced. . for this point of them, i will have to pray hard that the students do produce some results under my relaxed guidance. .

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's freakingly humid today. . im kinda sweating everywhere i go. . freak weather. .

Thank God it's friday. . and it's liyun's birthday today. . happy birthday. . ! chelsea. .! intended to get her a chelsea jersey, but well, i searched every adidas shop in town after my interview on wednesday still cant locate one. . tried again at ang mo kio hub yesterday and to no avail again. . pretty much of a pity, we settled for a pink levi watch eventually. . it's pink, hopefully she will like it, as we thought she will, for anything that's pink. . next year. . will try to get her the chelsea jersey next year. . there will be chance. .
anyway, hope the two chelsea sweets that i have got in random has made up for some of the letdown. .
it's random as in, it was happened to be offered to me on tuesday by one of my tuition's kid uncle. . sorry i lied. . i told her i had specially got for her. .
alright, pretty good party she has got for the night. . lotsa people turned up and i can see she has certainly enjoyed it. . so do we. . just a little bit turned off by the humidity. .

anyway Pei zi was there. . she's liyun's childhood friend. . this world is sometimes sorta small. . you bump into friends who are friend's of friend every now and then. . Pei zi's my old secondary school classmate. . and coincidentally, me, liyun and she are all from the same primary school. . xinmin primary. .
Meeting her again this time had actually made me realised that she has changed quite a lot. . definitely in the good way. . i wouldnt know how do i describe it, it's just different as compared to the past. . it's good to know that she has progress well in her life and currently waiting for entry into SIM. .

well then, we have ting jun there also. . finally. . ! but i cant take this lying down that she turned up for her birthday party and not mine. . ! sounds like a kid right now. . alright, at least got to see her after such a long time. . i guess if she's gonna MIA like that so too often, i cant be sure i will remember her the next time we meet. . alright, everyone do hope to see her more often. . .

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Interview with SMU school of economic. . I was damn nervous, could feel the trembles in myself as i prepare to answer and answered the questions. The interview went something like this. . .

Question. Briefly introduce yourself and tell us, if you are the prime minister, what will you do. .
Good morning everyone, my name is zhicai or you can call me keith. Im 21 this year, completed my national service, and is now working as a relief teacher in my secondary school bowen. I was a member in the school soccer team in secondary and soccer is like, my life. . for without it, i think my life would have been pretty boring. . and though i no longer take it as a cca, i still play the game every saturday. .
Regarding the question of if im a prime minister, i will be looking at two issue, education and poverty. . Education as in because while i am now working as a relief teacher in school, i realised there are many bright students who wasnt able to perform well in school because of their family background. . i happen to come across this student who has to work in the night everyday every school. . i asked how is he gonna cope with his schoolwork if he has to work in the night, he just said he has no choice since he is gonna feed his family. . such an issue has to be look at. . i do think that sometime the government is maybe looking too much on the big picture that such minor issues are often forgotten.
Secondly, about poverty. . i am currently a volunteer with one of the volunteer committee with central singapore. . i work with young children and has the chance to interact with their parent, many who i found out that they are still in poverty. . i have to agree that the government has done a pretty good job in ensuring that the people do not needa starve but somehow or rather, some of the welfare has not been able to reach these people, it is something we needa look at. . as a prime minister i will do my best at these two areas. .

Question. SMU often has overseas exchange programmes where our students have to spend a term or two overseas. If you were given the chance, which country will you wish to go.
If im given the chance, i will choose to go either china or india. . The reason is because as we know, china and india are the two rising economy in the world, to be able to spend time in the country to learn the way of living and the culture of the country will greatly enables me to know the country better and enhance my chances when doing business with them. . this will help in my career in future. .

Of course, under this kinda tense circumstances, i was like speaking in broken sentences. . but i was lucky in the way that i was sitting at the sixth position from the left and second from the right. . the interview took place as a group as the interviewer started from left to right for the first question and right to left for the secon question. i always have enough time to prepare myself. .

They were not perfect answers but given the amount a fatigue accumulated in me after spending a night drinking at jon's house, i should well be satisfied with it. . it's now left to fate if im offered the course. .

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Monday, March 24, 2008

The scoreline read 3-0 to Manchester United. . It's one that breaks me into a fit of cursing and swearing. . When the hell is this damned club that i am supporting gonna cut the losing streaks to the most hated club to many like me. . . While you all winning clubs like inter milan, you can astonishingly lose 3-0 to man utd. . You can break into the finals of the champions' league yet you can also struggle even to secure fourth spot in the league. . your liverpool is a joke. . pissed off upon hearing the victory, please either get yourself relegated or attempt to clinch the title. .

Back from school already, after finishing the start of my second week in school. . It's been good. . I am enjoying going to school as days goes. . i won't say more. . im still so pissed off with the scoreline. . and im really tired after the busy weekend i had. .

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Received a call this morning. . It was from SMU. . I'm shortlisted for an interview on next wednesday with SMU school of economics. .
Im well, at least there's something out of it. . I won't say it's my ideal. . but well. . if you cant catch the fish then you will have to make do with shrimp. . for the minimal, there's an interview for this economic course, a shot for a place inside, for the effort and money i've invested in the application. .
I would see no matter what it will be better to study economics in smu rather that stay in my architecture course in nus which i have yet to discover whether i have the interest in it. .
Anyway. . i have heard interview from smu is not gonna be easy. . i guess i will need a stroke of luck, something like what it had blesssed me when i went for the architecture apitude test last year. .

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Monday, March 17, 2008

First day. . first day. . first day. . every day. . good day. . sounds familiar. . it's in one of stephanie sun's song. . kinda random, but that just came to my mind. .

Today is my first day back to bowen. . as a 'teacher'. . teacher as in because i have to really do some teaching. . They call me mr chen. . it sounds really disgusting i thought. . maybe mr tan will sound kinda nicer. . but well. . i have got that surname imprinted on my ic, so will just have to make do with that until some day i will get it changed. .

Alright. . anyway. . I only have two lessons today. . One 1 hr lesson and the other 1.5 hrs. . Both are e maths. . I have 4e5 and 4e6. . .
The students. . . They are not as bad as i have imagined. . perhaps because it is of a smaller group, things did went easier for me. .
Of course it wasnt exactly easy. . with my level of experience, the easiest job will still make me break large amount of sweat. . I've said that i am not equipped with skills to handle students who pull stunts. . so my approach is always a friendly one, seeking to get into their good books. .
In a sense i felt i have been overly nice to them, talking to them in a more 'friend' manner. . It will have sounded like i have forgotten to draw a line between who's the teacher and who's the student. . i spoke to them like a friend, cracking lame jokes out of nothing. .
So i guess in any way that i have failed as a teacher, that will be the first. .

The bunch of students i have got. . for 4e5 was more like an usual bunch of pupils. . they give me minor problems here and there, like some of them did not bring their textbook, some prefer to laze around waiting for me to give them answers, some prefer to talk to their friends. . Of course these wasnt as bad as i still able to practise some control in the class. . I have to say that i cant care too much about minor issue, again because of my inexperience, it's really up to them whether they want to learn or not. .

for 4e6. . it wasnt too bad a different scenario, it's the same kinda minor issues here and there, but i actually noticed that they do have a number of students who are interested in learning. . it could be just pretentious but i choose to believe that i see. . I have got a guy who i know he's one of those trouble-makers outside from one look. . surprisingly, he actually sat quietly with another boy in front, discussing and trying to do some 10 years series question. . The book was clean, i can see he is doing it for the first time, but it had gave me the impression that at least, he still has the will to do math, to learn. .
Im not too sure if the next time i see him will he still continue this attitude, if he does, i would willingly pay more attention to help him with his work, which i have observed, is slightly slower and weaker than others. .
My heart goes to these people. . some of them are actually quite intelligent, just that they have forgotten what is the priority in life, they lack the maturity to know that trying harder in your studies and secure a good result is more important than having fun and enjoying outside now. . i told mrs cheng about this. .

So first day. . pretty shy to begin with. . because im seem to know few people there. . mrs cheng did pose the question to me. . you seem to be quite shy. . yes maybe. . im so new here, unfamiliar with the way to begin with as a teacher, how do i expect myself to be more hyper, wild and crazy. . im more like wearing mask when im in the school. . im not entirely someone who is civilised, soft spoken, polite and eloquent. . i prefer to speak in broken english, to be loud and be more casual in words and behaviour. .
I will see how i can improve of that. .

I slept late yesterday, woke up early today. . i need an afternoon nap. . see ya at night and may things turn up better in my second day. .

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tomorrow. . . tomorrow will be the day. . . the day i will be back to secondary school. .
frankly speaking. . i really didnt want this day to come so quickly. . . im so afraid i would screw up. .

i don't dare to think how i would fare. . pray hard that everything will turn up well. .

All this while ive been enjoying the 1 week term break. . just like any other school students, just like how i had enjoyed 3 years ago. . .
Now im complaining just like before. . about how school holiday had ended so quickly. . even though ive been slacking, going without a job for more than a month. . yes, it's 17 March tomorrow, my last day at starhub was 12 Feb. .

hope things turned up well. .

i believe. that why i can. .

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Monday, March 10, 2008

My desktop is down. . . something seems to be wrong with the main board, i wasnt able to run into windows and a beeping sound kept coming out from the device itself. . . not too sure how i am gonna solve it, i guess i will just eventually leave it to my brother to do it, but at this point of time he is still busy with his university stuffs, it's gonna take some time. . .

So right now, i am dependent on my bro's laptop or sis's macbook to go online. . what a bad time. . all my songs and games are in the desktop, this last week before i engage back to work will have to do it without them. . haiz. .

anyway. . i've one last week to play before i go back to bowen to teach. . . ive to get my hair length shorten and hair colour darken by then. . a price ive to pay to go back to school. . . i hope it's worth it. .

im still in the mist of planning how i am gonna spend this week. . a couple of things to be done. . needa do some revisions for the subjects im gonna teach. . then, shop for some shirts and pant to wear to work. . bring my bike for servicings. .
besides, i wish to have some time to relax and enjoy. . hopefully able to watch some movies, go to k etc etc. .

kinda tired right now. . came back from swimming at yishun safra, it was raining but swimming still carried on. . they are going rock climbing tomorrow, im still pending if i should go. . my hands are too weak for this activity. . maybe eventually if i did go i will just go there for badminton instead. .

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Excruciating pain. . i have to try so hard to prevent myself from crying out too loudly. .

It happened during yesterday's court soccer. .
Everything was going fine. . The weather was good, aftering raining for the past couple of days, we have some good play out in the court, i scored a few goals 'like fernando torres'. .
But as the time goes, the weather turns from fine to hot, the fatigue became intense and i began to feel the tension on my legs. . i could feel the strains coming up on my legs, especially the left one, where there was signal from my body that a clamp is coming up soon. .
A lazy person like me ever too lazy to do stretching before any game, self proclaiming that my fitness will last me through. . Eventually when i feel the tension i try to loosen it by doing some minor stretchings and slowing my pace of play. .
It doesnt seem to have helped at all as a sudden pull of my muscle left me lying on the heated ground crying for help. .

I wander how hilarious it has been for the witnesses as a vibrant and tough-looking man on the court suddenly fell helplessly on the court, looking so despondent and crying for help. . i could hear laughters from the on-lookers. .

It was all reflexed. . The pain itself was hard to bear. . My entire calve just stiffen up involuntarily. . there was simply nothing i could do but to seek someone for help at the shortest possible time before the pain intensifies. .
Luckily a kind soul from the opposition team actually lended in a hand at this crucial moment, if not i would be suffer much worse fate. .

But the ordeal itself did not end just like that. . experience so far tells me that the clamp only last a couple of minutes, it will be fine once someone lifted up your left and push your feet inwards to let blood circulate back. .
This time round it was unusually long. . it last more than a mere 'couple of minutes', i was left suffering under scorching hot sun, burning hot ground with intensed pain on my leg. .
i was so relieved when fellow team mates came over and evacuated me to a sheltered area. . even more when the ordeal was over as the pain and stiff muscle finally go away. .

i guess im no more gonna take fitness for granted. . any one more time like this is like a trip to hell and back. . truly frightening. .
so. . warm up, stretching before any intense exercise. .!!

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Friday, March 07, 2008

After much struggle. . i have decided. .

I will be going back to bowen to teach again. . this time, on a longer term basis. .

Woken up from dreamland early this morning by an unexpected call. . a call from a no. from my area, hougang. . i picked it up. . and to my surprise it was mrs jane cheng, hod mathematics of bowen secondary school. .
I was wandering which mrs cheng is she until i suddenly realised that it was bowen. .

I listened as she offer me the job to take some of the graduating classes for e math and pure physics and chemistry. . .

Hesitant was the word. . i wasnt too sure if i should take up the job. . there were many concerns. .
Im not to sure whether i am up to it. . whether i will be able to practise command and control in the class. . there is definitely no problem about knowledge wise, but having got a taste what they are like, i know too well of what it's gonna be like. .

It was a dilemma that was struck in my mind for a couple of hours. . I was left with few options, time is running up and i can choose to take up this or simply waste some more time on my job hunting, which has bear no fruit so far. .

After consulting several subject matter experts, i've finally settled with the decision to take up. . the challenge. . give it a shot whatever it is. .
Afterall, chances like this don't come often, an admin position can always find another time. .
I was actually seeking an admin position so that i can add something different to my resume. . i've got a customer service experience, another admin experience will make it more all rounded. .

So. . the deal was done. . see you back in bowen. . on 17 march 2008. .
i will have to see to some preparations including getting my hair colour darken before engaging the challenge. . may things turn up right when the day comes. .

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Haiz. . Still no luck in my job search. . i wander what's happening. . is it because of me. .?

How has it been possible that i've been searching for an admin job for like 3 weeks that nothing seems to be coming up of it. .
it's simple. . i just want an admin job, that pays me around $7/hr, 5 days week. .

I am really starting to feel worried and anxious about this. . i need a job. .

These few weeks i have been really doing nothing. . simply wasting my time playing computer games and spending bulks of money going out to enjoy. . . it's guilt indulging i know it. . but what can i do. . jobs aint coming my way. .

i cant talk about an overseas holiday anymore at this rate it's going. . going without income for almost a month already. .
and what worse was the previous workplace has not help me to submit my time sheet for february. . i would not have know it if jacinta from the agent company has not called me to tell me. . and now after calling here and there, i've finally got the thing settled but pay will only come in in april then. .

what a bad time. .

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Sometimes, what you want in life may not be what you will achieve in life. Sometimes, what you want in life will change as you came to realise of your limitations and constraints.
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Description: Ambitious
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