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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i received my first ever parking ticket. . congratulation. . cost me $8. . i hate to pay. . i never want to pay for parking and it only proved to be an unlucky day for me to be fined for it. . it's either an unlucky day or an unlucky spot, i will remember to buy coupon to place on my vehicle when i park there again. .

it was my first tennis lesson. . yet again the kinda feel where you are pretty helpless. . and useless. . of course ive grown to learn that this is just the beginning and things will surely improved as the time goes. .
im not dishearten or anything like that to see myself cant even master a single stroke, but the thing is that i cant help staring in green eyes when i see others equally new to the game playing with ease while i struggle even to hit the ball. . As you grow up, you realised you are not cut out in a lot of things. . and things became worse when you are a slow learner yourself. .
nevertheless. . despite the adversities, you should never stay in your comfort zone and just stick to what you are best at. . like i was complaining that i should just play my soccer. . no matter how hard it is, learning one more new trade will be a great enhancement to your life. .
yes, the more fuckup it becomes, the more hard you try. . IM MOTIVATED. .

alright. . ive just got a psp slim last week. . i wont say im obsessed with it. . but ive been playing it daily. . but well this machine that i had bought for $385 kept giving me problems here and there. . pissed off sometimes, gonna get it to the shop and have the man to check out for me. . freaking lotsa troubles. .

okie school. . sometimes feel quite unhappy with things. . sometimes i feel quite please with things. . it's kinda mood swing. .
but all i have to say that it takes a lot of experience and work to become a good teacher. . im not up to it. . i can try and willing to try. . it's all back to the never say die attitude. . so sometimes when it's good, you feel good, sometimes when things don't turn up well, then you feel pretty lousy. .
im not gonna complain things, i guess enough of my whinings, i will just take everyday as it comes and try my best in things to come. .

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The headline. . Buddies turn against each other. .

a fateful gathering turned out unfateful. . it was supposed to be a joyous, happy outing. . somehow it became pretty unfortunate. .

if rong thinks he read me like a book. . then i am not afraid to announce that i read him, wei and roy like a book too. .

i know what they are like. . their merits. . their flaws. . i accept their flaws with grace and take their merits with honour. . it's what buddies do. .
if friends have to respect each others, what's more buddies. .
define respect. .
in my context right now. . it goes something like that. . even when your buddy is obviously at the wrong side, you don't tell him off straight away. . just like you don't tell your parents off when they obviously did something wrong. .
instead, you find a good proper occasion and speak to him nicely. .

Friends, are human beings, and human beings are human beings afterall. . there are occasions where they make mistakes. . misjudgement, and create misunderstandings. . Be the understanding one in the misunderstanding. .
It's now about the word tolerant. .
Understand the flaw of his, relent to his mis-actions, he will be grateful when he reflects later. .

Wei is someone who speak his mind. . especially on the issue of 'righteousness'. . he is more of those kinda people who believe in being nice to everyone, whether is it a friend or stranger. . he hasnt got an idea about standing at the side of friend in the event of a dispute when it involve 'being righteous'. .
Rong is someone who stand up for his buddies, even if he is at fault. . because he know us, the faith that he buddies won't do anything too wrong. . but sometimes, he's too rash and forgot about rationality. .
It's almost totally opposite personality. . . it most likely crash if one side do not practise tolerant and respect. .
however. . things sometimes spring out of control, that's where conflict arises. .

it awaits a cool down for both of them and one side decide to relent. . rong is more of the mature one. . wei's thinking sometime a little bit too naive, although it's with kind intention. .

hope they can resolve their differences and reconciled soon. .

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My bro is attached. .! Shots of intimate pictures between the two taken inside the laptop. . i took a quick peek into it. . . All the while i thought he doesnt care about affairs of the heart. . well. .
it's good. . no wonder they say loves work wonder. . look at my brother. . mild temper nowadays. . not like last time, mood swing once in a while. . the magic of love i supposed. . happy for him, beneficial for me. . i don't have to stand his foul tempers. . at least for a while. .
My brother goes for girls with nice character i assume. . hope that is the case. .

Don't blame me if i still talk about work. . i always say things about work. . it's like gonna reflect that im someone not suitable to join the workforce yet. . of course. . if im rich enough, i will be happy not to work. .

i've finally got someone who managed to pass my test. . jie shen from 4e6. . he managed to score 24 out of 30. . im happy for him, but it was no cause to celebrate. . it shows the disparity between him and the rest. . he's a nice boy, sitting quietly at one side, working hard with his questions. . a totally different person from the others. . i was expecting him to do well, fortunately he did not disappoint me. .
i was finally able to give 4e6 the test, finished marking with the papers and as usual, it was a similar scenario to 4e5. . shaking my head as i mark through. .
Im at a lost at how should i go about it. . yes chee yong and azhar advised me to go harder on them. . but it's not as easy as going to do it than say it. .
have set the standard to in the beginning, will they still listen if you suddenly change your style. . it's a lot more other considerations other than this. . i wont go into details. .
Right now im actually prepared to sound them out. . hopefully they are willing to listen. . it's their lives. . what i can do is to do my best to teach, the rest is up to them. .

i realised ive made a mistake in one of the question. . the second time already. . it's seriously set me in a difficult position like this. . already not doing a good job with the teaching part and now, kinda like rubbing salt to the wound. .
i got no hesitation to admit my mistake in front of the students. . im not afraid of losing face, i gracefully apologise to them for my mistakes. . i got a skin as thick as that of elephant's in this kinda situation. . but it's not a good time. .

okie. . anyway. . the tuition thingy is giving a hell of a headache. . marcus is having cca all too often this week that i have to change the tuition times again. . feel like giving him a piece of my mind. . is he the only person busy. . mess up my schedule. . pissed. .

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Blues. . . i didnt really like monday. . it always look blue and it is a definite long day for me. .
Weekend has been especially short. . i cant get enough of that sleep im needing. . it seems forever the case. . because give me a choice between going out to enjoy and staying at home to sleep, the earlier choice will make me forget that human beings actually need sufficient sleep to stay healthy. . You know when you don't sleep enough, the fatigue that accumulated as a result of long nights will cause your breath to be heaty and heavy, a sign of unwell. . im getting small doses of that right now. .

The start of weekday essentially means work work and work. . it's pretty sian. . well. . the schedule for the weekday look something like this. . Wake up 6.30 am in the morning every day. . Monday will be a longer day. . estimated ending time. . 3pm. . Tuesday and thursday have tuition after school. . wednesday and friday only two days where you let your hair down a bit. . Possibility of tuition squeezing into friday = 75%. . so left only wednesday. . Some bad days you get relief classes that caused your short days to end long. . Some week like last week is more energy draining than the rest. . Tiring. .

I gave a test to 4e5 today. , guess my highest student. . 13/30. . clap. . i cant say my paper is too tough. . personally extracted the questions from the paper they have did before, making slight amendment here and there and that's the result ive got. . im not sure if i should laugh or cry. .
the second bad thing that occurred today was 4e6. . im little bit frustrated with this. . They took such a long time to proceed for my class and when i went over to get them eventually, not all turned up. . i was about to give them a test but by the time 20 minutes have passed and they was not enough time to do the test. . Monica suan was conducting a geography revision reliefing andrew yeo's class and some of them actually rather stay in the class. .
I sent all of them back to the class, there was no point for the test with the kinda attendance and time im left with. .
The third bad thing that happened was during mrs sundram's chemistry remedial with the 5N classes. . I was asked to go through one question with them but it seems that no one understand my explanations. . I think i myself also do not know what i am explaining. .
For me it's something like this. . i need preparation before i go in. . because my mind tends to go blank easily. . i need time to think through to get an answer and then sort out how to put it across. . it's like those lousier processor you have got for your pc last time, kinda slow to process though it's workable. . you needa give it time to download all the information. .

Well, all these actually made me feel kinda think that i have been doing a rather bad job. . Im not sure if i still need a longer time to adapt but it is still not going too well even though some time i do get the fake impression that i am doing well. . I do like this job, being able to teach things to people is something really nice feeling to me. . but liking and being able to do a good job is really two different issues. . im still not willing to draw a conclusion that if i am cut out to be this line, bearing the hope that things will improve as time goes. . It appears that time is running short. . when mid year is over in slightly more than a month's time, we will see if it's suitable for me. .
Not to think about being outstanding, i just wanna get the basic tune right first. .

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