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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I havent been blogging for ages. . i didnt feel like blogging nowadays. . too lazy to do so. . and whenever i feel like doing so, im either tired or nothing just comes to my mind. .
Nothing interesting to say also. . or maybe there is, but by the time im in the right place and right state to put it down in words, ive cleanly forgotten it all. .
Maybe soon or later i will be closing this blog down. .

Im too bored right now. . that's why im blogging. . too tired to do anything else, except to stare at the computer, i don't know what i can do. . there isnt seem to be any good person there to talk to in msn, i feel like going to sleep this early. .

Tomorrow may be the last day in school, mrs cheng still havent confirm whether i will be back next term. . she said most probably, but cant confirm. . she will call me again. . alright. . i will wait for her call then, meaning i cant make any plan for term 2 as yet, till that call arrived. .

At this point, i can sorta draw a conclusion to my 'teaching' career. . I cant teach. . im really lousy at it. . the students should know best. . when it comes to tutoring, i realised it's quite manageable for me. . but when it comes to teaching in front of an entire class, i guess few understand what exactly am i teaching. . It all goes down to presentation skill i guess. . i never been good at it. . How can you just get those concepts across to these students, such that they will understand and listen to you. . It's a skill to be learned, im disappointed with myself for the failure at this area. .
This itself i know is the single most crucial part of teaching, and i know im havent done a good job because of this. . I always seek to make up for this by providing solutions, doing walk downs to tutor those who don't understand during lessons. . No matter how lousy i am, trust me, for i trust myself for that, that i always try to do the best i can. .
I respect those who bring themselves out well, those who are able to drill concepts into the students mind, someone like azhar. . he's been doing very well. . we all think he's a gifted teacher. .
For me, i do hope that experience will groom me to a better presenter. . i dont pray to become one who speak fantastic english and present himself like an US presidential candidate, but i want to be someone, who when even speaking broken english, can let the students understand concepts, listen to your teachings. . that's a teacher. .
I love teaching, and i can say that i will want to be a teacher. . i dare to say this even when i havent been anywhere good at it so far. . But when im really go into teaching one day, i will be better, i seriously hope so. .

Alright, i won't make it sounds as though it has been disastrous experience. . in fact, the experiences have been positive, pretty enjoyable at times. . For all the classes i take, 4E2, 4E5 and 4E6, they are all a bunch of pretty nice pupils. . i do enjoy taking their classes. . Being with them sometimes makes me feel as though ive returned to my old secondary school days. . and in them, i see traces of myself and my class back at the good old times. .
I learned things from them as well. . it may even appears that it is more fruitful for me than from them. .

Finally, i love my bowen experience. . it will not be a full stop as yet. .

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Im losing my job soon. . As the june holiday approaches. .
Tuitions gonna stop, many of them going on holidays and ive finally decided to pass joanne and joyce to chen laoshi. .
I guess it will be most beneficial to them this way. . Joyce is okie, i can see her improving, even though sometimes she behaves crazily. . but joanne, she's kinda drove me mad most of the times. . she's so young, so cute, but she's really slow in her learning. . it's difficult to teach. . i have to admit that i don't have the patient to guide her. . already she's not performing well academically, may be a female tutor who's can be fiecer will make her better. .

It's been pretty slack life ever since examinations started and ended. . some times, quite lost at what to do. . i cant possibly be going out spending money every day. . given the current state of my income. .
Ive recently made a purchase of 200 bucks worth of clothings. . 2 polo tees, 2 shorts and 1 pair of converse canvas. . not bad huh. . shopping spree again, i had quite a number of shopping sprees this year and always have to convince myself that it's right to spend. . there's some sort of psychological imbalance in me that makes me feel comfortable after spending on clothes. . yucky. .

I met up with da ming xing, xu ya hui on wednesday. . well. . not me alone. . with jerry. . it was the first time ive saw her since she took up celebrity status and. . she appears to be still the same old person we have known her, except, probably the make up she wears when she's out. . we had some good catching up session and will be meeting again on thursday, back to school for badminton. . that's what she suggested. . i could sense she's putting in efforts to bring back friends that have drifted away since she went to stardom. . we should be pretty much appreciative of that. .

Im loving tennis. . though at this stage im still rather lousy at it. . i don't aspire to be a pro, i just want to play reasonably well so that i can feel the fun and excitement of the game. . im keen to make it one of my cca, and if i can play it more often, then i will be good, then i can teach others how to play too. .

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

I guess exams are almost over. . and at last, it marks the end of these few days of intensive tuition sessions. .
it's like the first day of this week that i have not have to rush to tuition after school in the morning. . it's kinda tiring. . and im tired now. .
freak weather been causing extra fatigue that's accumulated and some times i can just nearly doze off during the tuitions. . it took amazing determination not to do so. .

though ive been appearing to be rather busy, it was not exactly so. . to school in the morning im just going for classes for invigilation duties. . which is like 3 half an hours duties per day? outside invigilation time i got plenty of time to slack, read magazine and idle. . it's relax but well, im someone who cant stand idling. . i wish i can have some scripts to mark, like the rest. . it's getting boring. .
by now my e math students had all completed their last maths paper. . it doesnt look good at all. . . im getting lost at what to do with the kinda results they are producing. . how can i help them, that's a big question that linger on my mind whenever i see them. . they are really weak and there's a giant obstacle that shows the limit that i can go to help them. . im lacking of capability, resources. .
i got around 1 more month before i ceased my work there and go back to studies and i seriously hope to see them becoming better before i leave, that will be an astounding achievement to me. .
nevertheless, at least now i can see a few good thing coming out. . some students are proactively seeking my help and there's improvement in their attitude too. . great, but i hope it's not just only during exam period. .

ive gone for countless invigilations right now. . you can be surprised that invigilation is more tiring than going to lessons. . standing down there and gazing your eyes at the students is strenous, you feel so tired after an hour or so. .
i have through many exams and the scene was never so interesting. . as an invigilator, ive got this observation about students doing examinations. . i call it 'swimming'. . the students will be buring their head on the papers, vigorously scribbling non-stop at their scripts, then occasionally, they will raise their head up, look around at the surrounding, take a deep breath and returns to the paper. . It was a scene i witnesses countless time, and it truly looked like the one where people swim, using breaststroke. . taking a deep breath, dive into the water then come up and take a deep breath again. . amusing. .

my desktop is back to life again. . but my songs, photos and whatever crap that used to be inside is gone. . it cant even read chinese characters. . pathetic. . feel like getting laptop soon and throw away this lousy piece of crap metal. .
i want my songs back, and the handicap of reading chinese is making the task of downloading songs impossible. . i cant even amend and update the songs ranking here. .

after the third lesson of tennis, i feel kinda better at it now. . not till the extent where i can hit and return with ease, but i guess i don't feel that noob anymore. . it's really damn fun, if you know how to play. . i wanna be good enough to play the game with ease such that i can have another option to spend my freetime. . way to go!

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Soccer in the morning. . Cancelled. . Tuition in the evening. . Cancelled. . So that wrapped up my saturday. . I slept and slack all the way till now, the time, 6.30 pm. .
Isnt life a joke? when you are so busy, things kept coming till you are out of your breath. . when you are left with not a single things on your hand, nothing comes and you just wait to rot at one corner. .

It's been kinda busy, tuition after school on wed, thurs and fri, then tuition on sat and sun too. . sleep was never enough. .
so now, i guess i had replenished some of the lost sleep over the past weeks. .
but it's becoming kinda no life already. . well after exams are over, school holiday starts, im gonna relax. . i hope i can go overseas. . i want to go clubbing too. . so all that to look forward to. . .

That smu reply took too long to come. . i have gave up 90% of the hope. . 80% settled to go to NUS architecture. . everybody kept saying good when they heard im going aki. . good too i thought. . sounds kinda zai to be in there. . never mind if feel zai and doing zai is different thing. . the feeling counts now, doing well or badly counts later. .

That tennis lesson is a thoughout demoraliser man. . Feels like shit in there. . The coach had separated us into two side. . obviously one the better, the other the lousier one. . needless to mention which i am in. . there, there's left with 3. . struggling to master the basic few strokes while the others are freely practising their newly acquired skills, stroking the ball across the court with ease. . nothing is better a way to silent me. . you successfully in making me feel like shit, you did it. . my silent continue till i get myself promoted to the next level. .

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