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Sunday, July 27, 2008

As i looked through the cards. . i was suddenly indulged in a sea of emotions. . i don't know how to describe this feeling. . it's a mixture of happiness and sadness. . it is really intense. .

No doubt im really sad to leave. . i wish to stay to help these people for their o levels. . because having me to help them and someone else is really really different. . im not referring as in im damn good at teaching, in fact im damn lousy actually. . but sometimes it's not about being really good or bad, it's the amount of dedication, the passion and the desire to do the thing. . every minutes and seconds that i was teaching them, i did it with the utmost sincerity. . i may not have done a good job, but im sincere in helping. .

so well. . anyway. . i really thank my 4E5 and 4E2 for the card. . it was pretty memorable. . i have received a lot of cards in my life, but this one was something i will want to keep for a very long time. . thank you!

i left school that day, 24 July around 3.45pm. . the day was fine, i left with a heavy heart. . pretty sad that im leaving the school again, leaving this bunch of students who i have been with. . It was a mere 4 months. . . Ups and downs. . and through all these we have developed a good relationship with each others. . I treated them more like my juniors than my students. . and it was more like a friendships that i have made. .

Anyway. . i just want to say thank you. . and sorry. . to my classes from 4E5, 4E2, 4E6 as well as those sec 5s who have came to me for guidances for a while. . This short moment in bowen has been a wonderful experience with them around. . they were a fantastic lot of students. . really. . and i regret in any way that i have not been good in teaching or i have failed to help them. .
Now, i have got to leave for my own studies. . i wish all of them will do well for their o levels. . and i will look forward to go down on result them to see them with tears of happiness. . it will be my happiness too. .
Take care and study hard, beloved students. .

with my 4E5 class.

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im needing some energy and lotsa time to finish the stories that had happened over the recent days. .

well. . went drinking at our usual hangout yesterday. . it was part of the celebration for willy's birthday, before that we have had a dinner on thursday. . so anyway. . that was gonna be the last drinking session for me before uni starts and i can forsee that i won't be even able to afford that kinda time and money on alcohol anymore. . perhaps not that often. .
i guess i had come to this stage whereby i can hold my alcohol pretty well. . i havent got wasted for very long time. . in fact i never. . the closest i went was getting really tipsy and spoke plenty of nonsense on one of the night at the pub. . i did have quite a bit yesterday night too. . but i still went home a sober person. . level upped for my tolerance. .
shall not dwell any further, in case people think i am a alcohol addict.

I was pretty hostile to kelvin goh during soccer in the morning. . felt really bad about it. . some times i can be damn relax while playing, but when i get serious, and i put in really much effort in keeping the game going, i cant tolerate mistakes. . we were playing against the navy team and after losing to them times and again, i was determined to go in and kick their asses out of the court. . that explains that anger. . i just got those kinda 'don't want don't like to lose' attitude. . im sure people who play with me understand. . No hard feelings, kelvin go for friendship in and out of the game, i go for victory in the game and then friendship out of the game. . i don't bear grudges for clashes that occurred in the court. .
nevertheless we still managed to get the navy team out. . i was really determined not to lose again. .

I am the current in charge of my nurture programme at toa payoh. . and seriously speaking, i am not too sure if i am the right person for the job. . i feel i am squeezing every juice out of myself in order to perform my duties. . with my kinda experience, simple things like chairing a meeting is a demanding business to me. .
dealing with the kids is another challenge. . but it sometimes rather tricky. . not an easy task. . yesterday i went down to check out on the activities run by the nyjc interactors and i have to be the bad guy, stopping all the games and give them a lecture for not behaving. . then there was jonathan throwing a truant at the middle of everything, something i seriously hate. . i thought of letting him be initially, but somehow i still went over to talk to him. .
i have not had the slightest idea of whether doing these is right or wrong. . there's no one to teach me, no book to refer. . i just hope, pray hard that it's a correct thing to do. .

to b c'tinued>

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Friday, July 25, 2008

It's been a long awaited post. .
given the serious problem my desktop is in, i didnt have the means to blog till i got my sis's macbook. . till i have the energy to do so. .
not that im not tired right now. . well, i doubt im completely this post. . maybe just start it off with part 1. . .

im damn tired. . when im tired i don't like thinking. . or in fact i cant. . so people who know me well enough should know that i got some mood swing when im tired. . i won't be too keen in engaging in conversation, because it requires thinking. . Talking requires you to think of the topics to talk about, to analyse the subject and give an answer to it etc. . so i most of the time i will just keep rather quiet. .

alright. . today is friday. . or i should say it's saturday already. . it was matriculation day and i spent large part of my day in NUS, listening to lectures, attending the registration thingy as well as the cca fair. . i got another og, too. . it's for the o week. . no one's too keen on this now, after attending the foc. . we were all preferred to be in our own foc og clique rather than entertaining new people you don't know. .
it wasnt a day that i feel like entertaining. . and........... continue next time. . im too tired to continue

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Next week gonna be another busy week again. . im still figuring how should i sort up my schedule. .
Taking over mrs sundram's classes from mon to thurs. . im not sure how i gonna handle it. . they are all the classes i most not want to take. . the sec 5 na. . i guess i will just most likely leave the classroom management thing aside,not gonna handle their discipline problems. .
Anyway, im still in a dilemma on whether i should quit after next week. . i feel like. . yet i wish to help my 4e5 and 4e6 for a little while more. .
but then schedule already so hectic and tiring. . morning to school, afternoon still have tuitions and then now, have to set time for the rag thingy. .
I don't mind the hectic part, it makes time pass faster, but the tiring part, i need some good long sleep. . cant be taking coffee every morning to wake myself up. . im already becoming a caffeine addict already. .

i went for the rag thingy yesterday after school. . far and expensive journey to nus and i predict myself travelling like pretty frequently this month. . i had volunteered for the float. . cant dance for nuts seriously. . so i go behind the scene. . it's really a lot to be done. . yet the issue is, i cant commit that much time given the kinda schedule im having now. . perhaps after quiting school i will have more time and energy to do this. . going to do this after school is really exhausting, and i havent have that much mood to entertain new people. .
anyway. . i appeared to be very enthusiastic to work on the float. . i am. . since im there just do whatever i can lo. . some of the seniors got the impression i am very hardworking. . well, i just rather have something to keep myself occupied. .

alright. . i guess i will most likely cancel most of my tuitions next week. . jerry's leaving after next week. . gonna spend some time catching up with him before he becomes the next person i know to fly to australia to study. .

so many things to do! sianz

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Warning: The following image may cause discomfort and uneasiness. Please close your eyes and this window immediately if you experience such symptoms.

I guess a picture speaks a thousand words. . This picture depicts one of the scenario in the camp. . I was dressed up as a woman and showcased in a MTV presentation. . well not only me, there was another guy from the other og. . we dance, shake our butts and made sexy moves in this spice girls mtv, spice up your life. . . i wonder anyone recorded our presentation down, but i supposed it was really really funny. . . and i havent imagine myself doing that. . I got xiao wei to thank for that, she was the one who sabo me. . anyway, it was good fun. . just kinda embarrassing. . but seriously. . do i looked hot? hahaaaa. . please don't puke upon seeing it. .

anyway. . that wraps up for the camp. . it was fun. . yes. . and i was enthu. . yes . . but i still find it a pity that i havent know more people. . havent made myself a prominent enough person. .
so now. . im seeing myself to join rag and flag. . but there's still a matter of forking the time out. . still have to go back to bowen and there's tuition and all that craps to settle. . damn sian. . i wanna make my uni life exciting man!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Super nice. . super enthusiastic. .

Akit FOC 2008. . It was pretty fun. .
Really fun, i told myself it really was. . not to the extent that im falling head to heel over it, well, when you think it's fun, it will be. .

Cant understand? To put it in simple terms, the camp was quite fun. . not very. . and i will wanna think that it was a lot more fun than it really was because ive really tried my best to throw my heart and soul into making myself enjoy the camp. .

Well, i started off the first day reaching late for the camp. . Delayed by the stupid mobilisation briefing. . this sort of things ever seems so waste of time. .
Quite worried that i wouldnt be able to integrate myself into the og after missing the first part of the day that included the most crucial icebreaker games. .
Upon arrival, i was immediately joining them for games. . though it was kinda awkward as i know none of them at all. . yet coincidentally, kevin, fellow srjcian in akit was in the og which we were playing the game against. . So somehow or rather, i didnt wait too long to get the first person i know. .
Nevertheless, it was just the start of 4 days worth of enthusiasism from me. .

i wanted to go into the camp, make some friends and totally enjoy myself after a week of hardwork before this. . Heard from people who had went for the arts camp that they had some terrific time. . i want to be like that too. . Did not mind not sleeping just to get the most fun out of it. .
Anyway. . i tried and was really enthu. . and i realised, this is about just going all out, not caring about how people see you and totally let go of yourself. .

My og. . they were nice people. . just that sometimes i feel perhaps not too on. . well whatever, when no one lead, i tried to lead. . we have some great times playing games, and it makes me feel good to be entertaining them too. .

Im from Ando, which came from the name of the famous architect, Tadao Ando. . We are red, we are a bunch not that kinda super enthu people, yet among our own, we are a fun lot to be with. .

-to be continued. . part 1 ends.

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