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Friday, August 29, 2008

bad thursday. .

my bike stalled halfway on my journey back from school. . at 1am, in the middle of the expressway. . i have to freaking get a cab in the middle of that damned expressway and went through a big circle to call someone to tow the vehicle to some place i don't even know where. .

what did i do to deserve this. .?

damn it. . why things cant be in my favour?

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

It reads 1.48 am, and it's thursday. .

Im still in school, in the studio, using my laptop, typing out this post. .
perhaps too tired, feeling kinda emo. . .
yes im damn tired. . it's ironic. . the fatigue in me just come and go. . even though i suffer from a lack of sleep all the time. .

well, i guess i had kinda completed my work. . more or less. . you know archi assignments will never end till the day you graduated. .

i don't know what else to say. . just perhaps infested with works, and just do and do. .

i needa empathise that even though archi workload has been rather heavy, im not at all depressed with this kinda life. . it's fun. . im enjoying university. .

yet. .

to end off with a more depressing quote. .

Life is perhaps 90% not able to get what you want. . at least for me. .

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I feel like i havent been home for very long. . im damn tired. .

obviously i had stayed overnight yesterday to complete the assignments. . slept barely 2 hours. .
if your gonna look at me now, you will realise my dark circles, awesomely thick. . you must have understand how long have i not had a good rest. .
welcome to nus architecture, the beginning. . i got this feeling that the worst is yet to come. . tutorials yet to start. . next it will. . i got them balloted already though, managed to get my tues free. . doesnt mean no school, it's allocated to chiong the assignments. . you know it will just keep coming. .

i had applied for hostel, not sure if i will get it, but just give it a try. . im not quite like to travelling. . even if i have a bike to ride to and fro. . few nights ago, i skidded and nearly got into an accident while riding back home. . i will be damn tired whenever i go home, and it's dangerous. .
that night i had mistaken a shadow for a fallen tree on the road, hit the brake too hard and skidded. fortunately no car was behind me and i didnt fall down. . it could be fatal. .
Better off having a place to stay in school. . save me the trouble of travelling. . some days like wednesday it really defeat the purpose of travelling, because lecture ends late and start early the next day. .

well. . i desperately need rest. .

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello people. . ! it's been so long. . how have you been?

im either too tired or too busy. . the start of school havent been too kind. .

Can you imagine that i actually had two assignments just purely on the first day of school. .?
in university, 'assignment' does not just mean your normal worksheets where you just fill in the blanks through flipping the textbook or whatsoever. . they are works that you require you to do research, write essay, and then do presentation. . well for architecture at least. . it takes a long time to do. . and most of the time you realise nothing comes to your mind and you just have no idea how to do it. .

im feeling so stressful. . assignments just keep coming, weekends are gone as far as i see it. . now im thinking how to balance my tuitions with my academic works. .
the worst part so far has been that im struggling. . im bad with drawing, bad with design, poor in creativity, lack of knowledge, 3-dimensional handicap and so many more ways i can describe. .
i don't really get what the lecturers and tutors are talking most of the time. . students. . i do experience how you feel right now. . .

but. . im not at all intending to give up. . not a thought of it. . just try try try. . work abit harder. . sleep abit less. .
i love school actually. . i met some good people in studio and it was pretty fun staying in school till late everyday. . do some work, walk around and mingle with friends. . life's pretty good this way. .

alright. . better get some sleep. .!

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