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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Im in hall now. . finally moved in. . this is my second day and well. . i feel kinda bored. . at least for now. .
Expecting some fun that i can catch up on, but till now, there was nothing much to talk about. . particularly when i don't really know anyone here at all. .
Everyone's face so new to me, i wasnt sure when to say hi or who to say hi. . . there are friendly people, and there are some that are not so. . and what am i? friendly or not friendly. .
There's a lorry supper tomorrow night and before that im skipping my tutorial to attend the hall's soccer training, i hope it turns up well. .

There's kinda a mixture of feelings in me. . Fong did a round up of the works that we had submitted, and i have got three of mine on the bad examples list. . . i guess i have done really badly for the assignments. .
I am a bit disappointed, a bit upset, a bit frustrated yet a bit of relief. .

I know obviously myself that i havent done a good job, it was scrappy work and i know it wasnt my best. . I wasnt at my best, i havent give my best, and i was distracted by many things during the working process. . I found myself unable to have the peace of mind to do things much of the time. . i don't know. .

though fong was nice enough to let everyone pass but how many such chances do i have. . i could imagine myself dropping out of the course if i don't buck up. . im worried. . i know im like walking on thin lines. . i need to improve the qualities of my work. . !

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

I went to tuitions today with just 1 hour of sleep before that. . i survived. . i was amazed. . except for some very brief moments where i nearly doze off, it was smooth. . I guess my threshold for sleep inadequacy has increased, the torment of trying to keep yourself awake aint so intense any more. .

How do you define shagged out? It's when you can instantly go into your dream the moment you closed your eyes. . i really feel like this every single minute of today. .
I didnt sleep a minute last night. . courtesy of fong's idea to have us submit soft copies of the compilation of our work for the entire workshop by noon today. .
Stayed over to school to expeditite it for him for two consecutive nights. . how can i not feel sleepy this way. .
hectic was what that described this weekend. . i didnt go for soccer on saturday morning, but being just in school to do the works, having tuitions, attending yan jia's 21st and running some personal errands were more than enough to make it compact. . creating a sense of breathlessness in me occasionally. .

with the amount of time that im spending on work then, im still not doing anything up to the mark yet. . the compilation of works itself was pretty screwed up, fong replied me to inform that i had not namedthe files in an appropriate manner. . i hope he don't give me a lower grade for that, i doubt the possibility though. . given the merciless impression he gave me. .

Alright. . i will be moving into hall soon. . probably some time this coming week. . I had received a late notice for a room in Shears. . Pretty far though, but well, i was thinking of going in to experience hall life for a semester. . i don't think i will get a chance like that again if i miss it. . anyway, akit's so busy, i doubt i have time for all those hall activities. . but hopefully it will bring me some meaningful experience. .

gotta get back some sleep

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

What is a 菩萨 ? Well, if im gonna translate this word in english, it will be something like buddha. .? but im not exactly talking about religion here. .

Today. . i define it as a person, a stranger, who came to your aid when you are in a desperate situation. . i came across one just now. .

As usual, my unlucky streak carries on. . Got my bike, paid 600 over bucks for the servicings, expecting it to be in perfect working condition and there i go, travelling to my tuition. . Half way on the road, on the expressway, the acceleration suddenly came to a stop, and i came to a halt, at the road shoulder. . I didnt think that the vehicle had ran dry of petrol until this took place. . I cursed my luck and resorted to the only option on my mind, to push to the nearest exit, find a petrol station and top up the petrol. .
It was testing the limit of physical fitness. . it took me great pain to finally got it out of the expressway, and i left it at the walkway just outside, then went desperately in search of a petrol station. . Not a single one on my sight. . I was hoping to ask someone for direction and there i saw an old man in his sixties passing by. . Not only did he told me where was it, he offered to send me there on his bicycle. .
so there i went, sitting on his bike, feeling some sort of ashame that a man of his age has to pillion a fit and nimble youngster like me. . but he was really nice, very helpful and i was kinda too helpless to turn down his helping hands. .
i got my petrol station, bought a $3.50 container to contain the petrol, topped up the petrol for 10 bucks and the old man was waiting on the opposite side of the road to pillion me back to where i left my bike. .
i seriously did not know how to show my appreciation for his help but to repeatedly thank him. . just how many people in this world will help a stranger like this like him. . ?

so while, i really really feel damn suay recently. . it was truly something different that i had experienced today. .

anyway. . i just don't know what got into me, after i topped up the fuel and got it moving once again, i realised i was not wearing my helmet. . it was half way through then. . and well, i didnt bother eventually though. . but it was hilarious?

im so screwed. .

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What's the word that starts with a 's' and ends with a 'y'. . pretty random. . but it just suddenly came to my mind and that explains what i feel about recently. . got it correctly? one more hint, it's four letters. .
oh well. . it's obvious. . ISN'T IT. . ?
we were having fun with this 'ISN'T IT' joke yesterday night in studio. . isn't it? it started with us bitching about steve, a damn funny guy from our sister studio 8 (im in studio 7). . he likes to say that, so in some sort we were trying to imitate him, creating amusement of it. .

studio's getting more and more sian to me. . i need a life. .

anyway. . i just spent $110 on my finger. . went to see a doctor at some clinic i don't know, he applied some tissue glue rather than stitching, then bandaged it for me. . money flows like water. . i would like to declare broke here. .
so many expanses coming up. . school fees, pay this pay that, and im gonna collect my bike later, i wander how many hundreds will it be. . really feeling the pinch now. .

to end off, i was reminded by this quote from my pc during first year in army, lieutenant liew. . he was one of the commanders i respected most and he said in front of us some thing like this, 'im not good, but i tried very hard'. . he was referring to his 2.4 km run in ippt, not a good runner, but he trained very hard to do well. .
i guess it's pretty much apply to myself. . im not good in a lot of things, but i truly believe that i really put in effort and try very hard to do them well. . that's perhaps a principle in life that i try to adopt. .

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

It hasnt been my day for very long. . . indeed. .
can imagine im now typing this with 1 hand, the other handicapped, from a knife cut moments ago. .

heavily bandaged. . i was doing my arylic model then when i lost control of the penknife on my hand and it went straight onto my hand. . it was a deep cut, i could feel the knife in my fresh at that point of time. . painful. . but i didnt cry. .

have to apologise to people if i havent reply your msn message or sms. . things surely wasnt going too well. . everything is like spoiling and falling apart. . my phone is the latest casualty. . got it fixed once but the problem came back again. .

as usual. . assignments keep coming one after another. . tired most of the time. .

using that accident to slack right now. . still got an essay outline to rush. .
stayed over in studio yesterday and only managed to get 3 hrs of sleep. . but well. . doubt i can sleep early tonight. . !

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