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Sunday, October 26, 2008

There aint a time better than now to put in a post. . .

How do i describe my state of emotion now. . ? pretty much of a mixture i guess. . I remember a moment ago i was in a total rage and disarray. . now. . slightly better. . im still kinda pissed off and probably a little amused. . alright. . im nuts. . im weird. . .

Just what kinda fucking luck am i having. . ? forgive the vulgar, i just feel like cursing. . I cant remember when is the last time i lost my wallet but this time, the consequence is too much devastating. .

In it. . my IC, my license, my debit cards, my matric card, the cash of $70. . im not too sure if there's any more valuable inside. . but the stake itself is obviously already too big . .
I feel like kicking myself on the thought of the inconvenience that will come my way. .
I need my matric card to access my room in hall, i need to go back to school to do my work overnight and i will need to access my room. . arghhhhhhh. . . damn it. .!!

this came at a really really bad time. . i got no time to settle all these. . tomorrow is sun, mon is a public holiday. . and this week to come will be filled with lotsa submission. . where the hell can i find the time to settle all these. .

this seriously. . screwed. . i blamed it on my luck. .
obviously. . im just fucking careless. . i should blame myself. . luck is just the scapegoat. .

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Monday, October 06, 2008

I havent been doing well. . and i wander if i ever gonna do well. . and that's what you get for not doing your forte. . .

There's no textbook to teach you, not guide to the dummies, im purely walking blindfoldedly in search of the light of knowledge in this field im in. .
i havent got a life for very long. . and i have realised it's not my time any more. . particularly when this workshop is a group project. .

Im with oscar and sean in a group. . seriously i felt like the weakest link in there. . i seriously is. . most of the time im damn lost in whatever they are discussing. . Da vincl's mechanism whatsoever. . i won't need to explain too much that i am never into these, such was why i didnt even consider engineering in my choice. .
well. . i just hope i won't screw things up for them. . and i felt remorseful for not really able to contributing. .
I really start to consider myself stupid. . . as compared to them, my brain looks so small. . either army has made me stupid or i have been stupid all along, just that i never actually realised that. .

Not sure if i am really busy. . but i found myself so tired all the time. . tendered in two essays for submission for the week. . then i have soccers and stuffs . . im struggling to balance my tuitions. . it's the exam period and everyone is like asking for extra tuitions . . the thing is i don't have the time. . i should just be a full time teacher and forget about this archi degree. .

i went for hall soccer and i just not playing well. . my teammates must be thinking what a joker is doing in the team. . i pretty much appreciate that chee kun, the captain is still putting some faith in me. . It's down to 24 in the squad and if this continue, i doubt i can keep my place in the first team for the next game. . damn screwed. .

hall wise im not making too many friends so far. . i don't really bother already. . busy with so much stuffs right now where can i still find the energy to socialise. . the fact is that i don't even know what are the things that are happening. . eating macdonald in faculty so often that i hardly joined them for dinner in hall. . tell me how to make friend this way then. .

i have lost faith, confidence. . i need a life, need some leisure, some fun, some new that can make me happy, i need plenty of sleep, yet i want to do well in school. .

So screwed. .

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