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Thursday, March 12, 2009

You know. . . it has been tough. . . tiring. . really. . there were many times whereby you really feel very sleepy, that you can just doze off while you are holding on that pencil. . drawing. . it happened quite a number of times today. . . somehow, some reason, you held on, force yourself to stay awake and get those work done. . . it may be sparked off from a negative, kiasu mentality. . but when you know that you are weaker than the rest, you know you need to work harder than the rest. . be it stay back an hour or two longer while others went back home. .
many times it just doesnt seem too feasible or practical. . when that fatigue accumulate to a certain level, it could be just clever to go back and get some rest first instead. . nevertheless, held on, because intuition tells you so. . so what if you are not being efficient this way. . outstanding architects don't do conventional stuffs, don't go with practicality. . . we may seem weird to others, but you can never imagine the amount of substance we have inside. . .

i had digressed. . but if my students are reading. . hope you get some learning points out of there. .

The point here is. . im really happy. . as in satisfied. . it was perhaps the best critique session that i had got. . maybe it was because darlene is really nicer than the rest of the tutors i had got previously. . it's still great to be receiving praises. . fong never praised me. . even when im feel i had slogged hard. .
I feel i had worked hard, and i have tried to learn much, pick up pointers and improve my works. . I need to feel that my efforts have brought me progress. . and darlene's words were pretty nice to my ears. . of course it wouldnt be possible without the rest of the other two group mates of mine, i felt we worked really well together, especially during the presentation just now. . we have got pretty good team work, such that darlene could joke that we are husband wife. . great. . entertaining in the mist of great concepts communicated. . i wouldnt care the less even if reputation is at stake. .

Great. . i hope this is the starting point to more to come. . and yes. . i will continue to work hard. . oscar and sean, be careful. . !

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